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What Does Laundry Symbols Mean? (complete guide)

What does laundry mean to you? It implies cleanliness and lack of dirt. A word of caution, though – laundry is not the same as cleaning! Laundry also means washing, and the result is often a heap of clothes that have hardly been washed! There are several other meanings for laundry symbols, but we will be discussing the main ones here.

laundry symbols explanation

Laundry symbols Expalanation

The first meaning is “a heap” or “a mass of something.” In this context, it also has to do with the fact that laundry also involves washing. In this way, the Symbol can represent both the process of cleaning and even the heap of clothes that get washed.

A Stain

The second meaning is “a stain.” Again, in this context, it has to do with the fact that the laundry gets stained. This stain can be removed by “washing” it. When we hear the word “washing,” we usually associate it with something that eliminates colors, such as paper towels. The term “washing” can also be associated with the actual action of washing.

a colour

The third meaning is “a colour.” In American English, this meaning is used more as an adjective than a noun. For example, “laundry” is used to describe specific colors that we see in nature. For instance, red is a color that is associated with washing clothes.

a form

The fourth meaning is “a form.” To describe any object, the word has to be attached to some description. In this case, the narrative that we are giving is “a heap of clothes.” The next time you see a laundry list, you will recognize it because it contains the laundry symbols sign that I have explained above.

a unit of measurement

The fifth meaning is “a unit of measurement.” The units of measurement for washing and drying clothes are liters and millimeters. The Symbol that is used is the slash (/) because it is a symbol of water. Water is used to remove stains from clothes.

a set of measurements

The sixth and last meaning is “a set of measurements.” The unit of measurement for washing and drying clothes is the pounds. Each pound is equal to one US cup. The symbols for pounds are also shown on what does laundry symbols shirts.

Benefits of knowing Laundry Symbols

So now you know what does laundry symbols mean. It is pretty evident that when you see laundry shirts, you can pretty much tell what is going on in the washing machine. If you don’t care about these symbols, you probably wouldn’t care about what laundry symbols mean. If you care, then you want laundry shirts that say “I’m Going to Wash,” “Dry Clean,” or” laundering,” just like your clothes do. I hope that cleared up your questions.

I hope my explanation that answers your question, what does laundry symbols sign mean. Be sure to look around, and there are many great deals online and off. Take advantage of the economy, save some money, and be kind to your clothes.

What does a symbol next to a washing machine say? For instance, if you see a “W,” then that means you are washing the top half of your garment. If you see a “B,” then that means you are cleaning the bottoms of your garment. If you see a “D,” then that means you are washing the entire garment. You may see other symbols, and it will depend on what shirt you are cleaning.

laundry service

What does the Symbol next to each different kind of washing machine mean? The first kind of washing machine is an automatic one. They are self-winding and have screens that you have to put in manually. They have a button that goes on the handle, and when the correct number of cycles are complete, it will start the washing process. Then there are the manual ones that are a lot easier.


You can buy a machine that already has a built-in symbol on it. This will make your life comfortable because you do not have to buy a washing machine with a mark on it. If you do not have time to look at all of them, you can go to any website and print out the ones you need. There are also lots of websites out there that can help you learn what does laundry symbols mean. You need to do is spend a little bit of time on the internet.


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