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What Drives the Quality of Student Learning

Progression and Performance?


Better learning is very significant for all and sundry to go ahead in life and get success. Proper education and succession make our generation strong by enhancing technical skills, confidence, and knowledge. The education gained throughout life enables every individual confident about their life. However, it unlocks various doors to the prospects of achieving enhanced prospects in life to encourage career growth. Students get success academically if they get a secure environment for learning with supportive faculty staff to teach them technically. Moreover, the physical and mental capability also plays a vital role in upgrading the student performance.


Safety extends beyond the physical security of an individual, it includes the environment where the student must feel respected, regarded and promoted. Although every code of school does not have a positive impact on a student as many times few disciplinary measures are not accepted by every candidate and also forcefully applied on them which impacts negatively on them and also degrades the self-respect due to which their learning and progress also get affected. For framing a good and successive institute the school’s code of conduct should be designed in such a way that it promotes the positivity ensuring that students are ready to learn and build up good social relationships.


Furthermore, the student must feel connected to administrator, staff and teaching faculty because it helps them to understand and manage their emotions, interactions, and behavior with others by which they can easily resolve the problems and conflicts. Teachers are black and blue important in boosting the type of learning environment which enhances student success. Although the students from the lower middle class do not get supportive faculty to teach them due to which they do not get a chance to polish up their academic record.


The student must feel supported by all those connected to their learning environment which includes their teacher, parents, fellows and administrators. There is a growing need for a strong relationship between teachers and parents as a student always needs a strong support system to fall back on. Parents and teachers need to provide supports for our goals in classrooms. Parents should guide their children that what they should choose for their future and they should help their children to take their career decisions and they should also support them in their self-decisions. It results in the enhancement of their academic performance.


With academics, we must consider co-curricular activities as it also plays an important role in the growth of students’ progress. There would be different ways which students can choose to make the best spend of their extra time and it will surely leave an effect whether positive or negative depends on the activities they choose. As per essay writing service UK, participation in extracurricular activities associated with high CGPAS. It does increase the attendance and reduce the absentees from class. The students who partake in co-curricular activities also accomplish healthy in their academics as compared to those students who do not become the part of such activities. Let’s take an example of sports important for physical and mental growth and can be easily carried out in leisure timings. It not only helps us to remain fit but give us the sense of being alert and active and also improve our mental and physical health. Sports got an international importance and have become a great source of developing good harmony between different nations and communities via different events like world cups and Olympics etc. Sports are termed as one of the best stress buster and will participate in calm down your mood. It keeps you focused and this ability aids in your academic career too and elevates your self-confidence. Besides sports as cocurricular activities it can be taken as a career too and you could be a umpire, sports teacher, trainer or coach. Sports is the best source to develop discipline in one’s life, team spirit and value of time aid a lot to make everything possible and to get success in life.


Subsequently, good grades and the highest percentages are not enough for student learning and progress. Good manners and behavior also play a very important part in students’ life as it helps the student to behave well in society as well as health to maintain, smooth and positive relationships. Good manners help to win the heart of people and to become a unique personality. Lack of manner among young ones will lead them towards the wrong path. Practicing it cost us nothing but pay us a lot throughout life. As if you are punctual you will not skip your important lectures and keep all the knowledge and mind to achieve the best result in an exam. Additionally, the mannered student will give respect to teachers and parents by whom he/she gets respect which is very important to flourish the student’s life.


Good nutrition no doubt plays an important role to boost up your learning process as it keeps you healthy. However, children consuming the well and balanced diet like carbs, proteins, fiber, fats defiantly improve the students’ academic and overall performance. Every student has their own potential to perform well or worse and those who are not getting best nutrition or the required portions of healthy food increase the risk of fail in physical and mental growth and students may fail to qualify its 100% presence in class. Where is, good nutrition will help students to drive a better and successful future with their best performance in every field. Because healthy meals they are taking linked to improve memory thus help in getting high grades. Proper nutrition is always been linked to progressive cognitive development.


All in all, these all are necessities that are dominant in bringing out a successive student. A great mentor and a teacher makes learning so easy with entertainment and making a classroom an exciting learning place to hold students’ fascination as they learn best when interested and challenged. Teachers are always considered as one of the trusted source of guidance for all the students and help them in taking important life decisions. Likewise, for physical fitness and mental health growth greatly depends on co-curricular activities and help students to take themselves out from any kind of stress and give them a calm and relaxation whereas help in developing good manners. Behaving in a good manner helps students in getting respect and dignity in society whereas bad manners defame the person. Along with it healthy balanced diet help in developing strong, confident and healthy student both physically and academically.

Parents, teachers and society play a vital role in the upbringing of the child. Our Children are the asset we should spend on.

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