What Exactly Does a Crisis PR Agency Do? Your Guide to the Essentials

America goes crazy for crises. Americans love to pile onto businesses, hounding them for mistakes and accidents, even if they weren’t the business’s fault.

But you’re never alone when you’re dealing with a crisis. More than 270,000 Americans work as public relations specialists, and thousands work for a crisis PR agency. When you are facing a PR meltdown, you should give an agency a call.

Yet what can a crisis PR agency do for you? How can it prevent crises from occurring? How can it reduce damage from a natural disaster or celebrity scandal?

Answer these questions and you can get through a PR emergency in no time. Here is your quick guide.

Emergency Preparedness

You don’t have to call a crisis PR agency during a current PR crisis. You can touch base with an agency in your area and ask it to look at your operations. It can point out potential problems and help you develop processes to handle emergencies.

You should try to prepare for as many situations as possible. A natural disaster may destroy your company’s warehouse. You need to store your products in multiple locations so you can start selling things soon after the disaster.

Keep in mind that there are only so many emergencies you can prepare for. A celebrity associated with your company may get into a scandal that reflects badly on your company. Remain in touch with the agency so it can respond to situations right away.

Messaging Strategy

The best PR agency will meet with you and help you come up with a message that deals with the situation. After a natural disaster, you may discuss your safety operations. You may run ads showing how your employees are helping your community recover from the disaster.

You can launch a press conference, release statements, and give interviews to the press. You should hire a PR agency like Miller Ink that is experienced in different ways of communicating with the press. You can also google “PR agency near me” and “PR agency USA” to find other groups.

Reputation Management

Many companies hurt their own reputations by accident. They may decline to give comments to the press about a crisis, which allows others to take control of the dialogue.

PR agencies can help you manage your reputation by training you for media interviews. You can learn when you should release a statement and when you should allow others to speak for you. An agency may even write a statement for you so you can get started on your response immediately.

The Services of a Crisis PR Agency

A crisis PR agency can bail you out. The agency can help you prepare for crises, and it can give you training so you can respond once one occurs.

An agency can help you prepare written materials, television advertisements, and social media posts. With these materials, you can develop a new strategy that improves your company’s reputation. You can also learn how to discuss sensitive topics with the press.

The more you know about PR, the more crises you can respond to. Read more public relations guides by following our coverage.

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