What Exactly is Wheel Alignment?

In terms of definition, wheel alignment refers to the angle between your wheels and the body of your vehicle.

  • Your car’s wheels are aligned by adjusting and altering the suspension of your vehicle.
  • Your garage technician will optimally institute a set of tests to determine how much adjustments do your wheels actually require and then conduct the alterations accordingly.
  • As per the Wheel Alignment Birmingham reports, car owners should have their cars checked for wheel alignment reports after every 10,000 kilometres.
  • Moreover, if you happen to experience any kind of alarming changes in your car’s handling, then you should get your wheels checked for alignment.

Why is Wheel Alignment so Crucial for your Vehicle?

Your car earns its fair share of servicing every six months. This service amps up its driving, handling and grip areas, expanding its functioning to another level of tune-ups. But what was the last time you had your car’s wheels checked?

Misaligned wheels are not easy to spot; hence many people go around driving with them. However, they can be extremely hazardous to your car’s health as well as your safety. Here are a few points that highlight why aligning your car’s wheels is extensively crucial.

  • Wheel misalignment and imbalances can pose a major threat to your safety. Misaligned tyres are known to create strong vibrations in your car’s steering wheel, thus risking your safety.
  • Also, wheel alignments have been known to reduce the amount of wear and tear that a tyre generally experiences due to a misaligned wheel.
  • Misaligned wheels cause unnecessary vibrations that can, in turn, strain your car’s suspension. An imbalanced wheel tends to wear down your car’s suspension.
  • Wheels that are aligned tend to prolong your tyre’s lifespan.
  • Poorly aligned wheels can cause aggressive and occasional tyre wear. This way, you will experience flat tyres and rapid changes in your tyre’s air pressure real quick.
  • Improper alignments of wheels can mess up with their functioning and result in unfortunate road accidents.
  • Accurately and adequately aligned wheels can overall optimise your car’s handling, stability, suspension and brakes. All in all, precisely angled wheels can improve the overall efficiency of your car’s tyre.

How to Identify if your car’s Wheels are Misaligned?

Misaligned wheels may be hard to spot, but they definitely indicate their presence through some basic telltale signs. So, if you ever notice the following symptoms, your car’s wheels may be misaligned. Here we go:

  • If you experience sudden changes in your driving experience, this may be a symptom of a misaligned wheel. Wheels can skew over different over time resulting in a changed driving experience.
  • Your steering wheel tends to appear off the centre point even when you are driving straight.
  • You feel your vehicle is gliding off either right or left.
  • Your tyre’s tread wear is excessively uneven.
  • Strange squeaking noises from your tyres while making turns.
  • Unusual vibrations in your car’s steering wheel.
  • Wear and tear on the outer and inner shoulders of your tyre.
  • You can also inspect your car’s tyres when you park it. If your car’s wheels appear straight while parking, then they are correctly aligned. However, if they seemed to be skewed either right or left, they may be misaligned.
  • If your vehicle’s wheels turn out to be misaligned, it’s best you have the wheel alignment Birmingham angles called:
  1. Toe angle
  2. Camber angle
  3. Castor angle realigned by a car service.

It is important to restore the alignment to avoid any unprecedented vehicular breakdowns or catastrophic accidents.

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