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What is a Corporate Communications Consultant and Does Your Company Need One?

The court of public opinion issues harsh judgments on a pretty much daily basis. There are too many examples to count of companies that have had their reputations tarnished because of some type of misfire or miscommunication. Sometimes, this damage can prove impossible to come back from.

If you’re a brand with a public presence, then you need to be thinking about the way you communicate with the world. If this sounds like a lot to you, then working with a communications consultant could be a great move for your company. Read on to find out exactly what this entails and the benefits it can bring.

What Is a Communications Consultant?

A communications consultant is a business consultant whose job it is to help your company craft the messaging it wants to put out into the world. As well as its overall image. They work within the realm of public relations.

Consultants can be brought in to help manage communication to your employees, stakeholders, the general public, or the media. Or all of these groups. Their job will be to assist you in managing the various intercompany relationships, intracompany relationships, and messaging to the public that your company needs to engage in.

Benefits of Hiring Communications Consultancy Services

There are many situations in which working with communications consultancy services would be a savvy idea. Many companies choose to do this at the early stages of their existence. If you’re just starting out and aren’t familiar with the world of PR and branding, then a communications consultant can show you the ropes and give you a good grounding in what you need to know.

Another point at which it’s a good idea to work with communications professionals would be if some large event has occurred within your business. This could a be positive or negative occurrence.

If your company is merging with another entity, being sued, has to make a round of layoffs, or is celebrating a big anniversary, these are all situations a communications consultant can help you to navigate. Certain situations need to be handled delicately, and your consultant will ensure you have the tools to do this.

They can also be good to work with when some kind of major world event is happening. For example, during the BLM protests in the summer of 2021, or the invasion of Ukraine, brands are often expected to take sides or at least release a statement. This is another situation in which a consultant can be of great help.

These are only a few specific examples, of course. For more on what a communications consultant can do, click here.

Could Your Business Benefit?

In reality, almost every business could benefit from having some sort of formal communications training. It’s a way to make sure your words aren’t misconstrued and you always manage to say what you really mean.

If you’d like more business advice, we’ve got plenty. Check out the rest of our articles now.

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