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What Is a Plumber? Complete Guide

Plumbers are professionals who are skilled in maintaining the water systems in commercial and residential buildings. They can learn through their on-job training process and field training. The plumber in Ipswich can handle various types of installing and maintaining the water systems.

Roles And Responsibilities of Plumber:

Plumbers have various functions, like installing sanitation and related systems within commercial and residential buildings. They are responsible for diagnosing issues and implementing workable solutions. The main roles of the plumbers include:

  • Solving the issues related to drainage and sewage in commercial and residential buildings
  • Analyzing all the blueprints of the new water system installations
  • Testing the entire plumbing system for durability and the weaknesses
  • Sourcing the materials and managing them for various projects
  • Fixture installations and repairs like cutting, welding, and assembling the tubes, fittings, and other related equipment
  • Installing the washbasins, toilets, and other bathroom fittings
  • Repairing of all the sanitation and water supply equipment 
  • Estimating the entire cost of the project before starting any work

Skills Required To Be A Plumber:

Some important skills that the plumber requires are :

  • Physical Skills- Plumbing requires flexibility and physical skills. The plumbers may need to work in many difficult environments and situations. So stamina, excellent vision, motor skills, physical strength, and flexibility are required. Sometimes they require working with very less equipment in dark places. So physical strength is very important for plumbers.
  • Administrative Skills- Plumbers require making project plans and calendars, ordering supplies, making inventories, and tracking expenses. They need to make reports frequently and explain and submit them to their clients. Alexander plumbing and Gas can help you with all the administrative reports so that you understand the progress of your work.
  • Technical Skills-Different calculations and measurements are required to ensure that the projects are efficiently going and can be completed within the deadline. For example, the plumbers use pipe cutters, seals, wrenches, bending equipment, and lots more. If the plumber does not possess the technical skills for handling the equipment, waste of time and money can occur.
  • Problem Solving Skills- Plumbers need to detect the root cause of any plumbing problems and can also look out for the solution. With the ongoing projects, the plumbers also need to solve complex problems within a short period.
  • Analytical Skills- Though degrees in technology, Math, and physics are not required, plumbers may require knowledge of the practical applications of sanitation and water supply activities. They should be able to detect the parameters and can be flexible with the change in the outcomes. To understand the leakage, you must analyze the root cause of the problem.


The professional plumber in Ipswich can guide you through various roles and responsibilities. The plumbers require different skills like analytical skills, problem-solving skills, physical skills, technical knowledge, administrative skills, and some others. They can do installation and repairs of the fixtures. They are professionals who can work in both commercial and residential buildings and can satisfy their clients with their efficiency.

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