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What is AI role in recruitment? Why do we need AI for this?

In this world of technology, every single thing is digitized, from a library to an online store. Hence, the technology overrides the conventional way of operating. It has evolved a new perspective of this world where manufactured machinery is over-powering man labor. Significantly, you can observe technology in hospitals, schools, libraries, factories, and even in people’s hands in the form of cell phones. 

Similarly, artificial intelligence has equipped digital computers to perform different tasks more efficiently than human beings. People have incorporated AI in various fields to aid them in multi-tasking. Hence, AI is reducing human efforts by increasing its intervention and access. 

What is AI?

AI or Artificial Intelligence is a way of incorporating human instincts into machinery. In this way, the computer adapts to human behavior and imitates its gestures and thinking process. This process of imparting human characteristics into a machine or robot is Artificial Intelligence. It includes inculcating various abilities, such as learning, identifying, recognizing a problem, reasoning, perception, problem-solving, decision-making, etc. 

Currently, there are four types of AI; reactive machinery, self-awareness, limited memory, and theory of mind. Moreover, examples of some most efficiently working AI are; Siri, self-driving cars, email spam filters, etc. Hence, one could see that AI has become part and parcel of our lives. 

According to a general perspective, AI is broadly classified into two major categories; Narrow AI and Artificial General Intelligence. The Narrow AI has a limited operating capacity and generally requires human efforts to work efficiently. However, Artificial General Intelligence is a strong AI that carries all the human abilities, such as robots. They do not require human assistance and imitate their human behavior and actions. 

AI role in the recruitment process

Many firms incorporate AI in recruitment to expedite it for more productive work. AI can handle strenuous and complex tasks professionally. Subsequently, it results in maximum output with minimum or minor errors. Companies consider AI as the best alternative to replace human efforts and work. 

Here are some key responsibilities of AI in the recruitment process that are remarkable and undeniable. 

Handling of high-volume tasks

Human beings have limited capacity regarding perplexed and complex task handling. Moreover, a person’s efficiency is affected when the workload increases. Contrary, AI can handle high-volume tasks without wearing out. Furthermore, it automates the recruitment process by incorporating smooth and transparent working. In this way, the current workflow remains unaffected. 

Moreover, the HR team has to evaluate hundreds of resumes for a single job post, which could be time-consuming. It also decreases the work efficiency and can skip essential details. However, using AI software, recruiters can evaluate hundreds or even thousands of resumes to gain the required results. 

This automation significantly reduces the hiring process so that the company doesn’t lose competent and deserving candidates. According to a survey, more than 50% of the recruiters use AI in the recruitment process. Hence, AI is the most reliable alternative to cope with the greater workload.

Focused on quality hiring

AI deliberately uses the data to find the perfect match according to the requirements. It performs this extensive task by going through job requirements and finding a suitable candidate whose skills and knowledge are competent enough for the job. Hence, a company can use AI for talent acquisition. AI uses candidates’ portfolios to select those who are equally potent and skilled. 

Humans cannot have enough capacity to deal with a large number of data. For instance, 800 applicants applied for a Manager’s post. In that circumstances, AI will select only candidates who fall under the criteria, leading to quality hiring. 

Critical analysis

When the company hires a candidate, accommodating him according to his skills and expertise is the most significant task. Therefore, AI will suggest that recruiters and employees accommodate new hiring based on their working experience, academics, and skills. 

Through extensive data analysis, AI can generate reliable and accurate results. Therefore, the data analysis by AI software will yield better productivity for the company. Moreover, the candidate can perform well as he will be doing what he can. 

Regulating Targeting Ads

When a company post an ad related to hiring, most of them go unnoticed by deserving candidates. As a result, the company fails to gather competent applicants for the designation. Therefore, AI software analyzes people’s online activity to tackle the situation. Hence, it posts targeted ads when it can gain maximum response from the deserving candidates. 

Hence, by reviewing the browsing history of an applicant, AI posts ads at the right time for maximum output. 


Many times applicants send their queries via a direct message to the company. However, due to workload, many questions are unchecked by the recruiters or HR team. This response by the company significantly drops the interest of many eligible candidates for the job. 

Hence, many recruiters use AI to answer maximum questions from applicants to interact with them. Chatbots enable the company to maintain an interactive response by using AI. Moreover, this interaction allows AI to access their language proficiency and other skills. Hence, it solves their queries and analyzes their skills and abilities. 

Significance of AI

AI software helps a lot in the recruitment process, from posting ads to the allocation of new hiring. It considerably reduces human efforts by assessing and analyzing big data in less time. Moreover, those results are not only reliable but also accurate. It prevents unbias that can lead to wrong hiring. Hence, it evaluates all the details and selects suitable candidates for the job. 

Its intelligence screening software analyzes candidates based on their qualities and expertise. Moreover, it reviews its social profiles and previous experience to generate more accurate results. 

Final thoughts

AI is running successfully in all business spheres. It omits the need to hire a large workforce for professional work. Moreover, recruiters are extensively using it due to its multi-dimensional functioning. Experts are assuming that soon it will replace human beings as AI works even more efficiently than humans. AI has completely re-defined the recruitment process as it is more potent in handling big data. 

It has swiftly incorporated new market trends. Moreover, companies are moving towards quality hiring with more competent staff and skilled people. However, people are speculating that AI will replace their job.

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