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What is Better? – Trading from Mobile or Web

It can be said without a doubt that India is emerging as one of the leading investment players in the world. A part of this credit goes to the switch from offline to online trading practices.

Owing to this online trading system, investors wonder whether mobile- or web-based trading is better. If you are also stuck with the same doubt and want to opt for the best platform, this article is for you.

Here is the list of a basic comparison between mobile and web trading platforms so that you can select the best one for yourself.

  • Installation and Updates: You don’t need to update or install any application to use a web trading platform. Whereas in a mobile app, you would have to install the app and timely update the same.
  • Performance: A web-based trading application will require resource-heavy software that can cause trouble in the long run. If you use a mobile-based online trading app, you can run heavy and complex software with ease.
  • Feature: A web application might not provide you with the complete set of features. You can find the same in a mobile application.

But only these aspects do not solve the question. You can better understand the difference by learning the pros and cons they have to offer.

Web Trading Platform


  • Better Display: While using a PC or laptop, you get access to better screen size and display. This enables you to view the stock charts and process the data more efficiently.
  • Increased Storage: As compared to a smartphone, your desktop has a better storage space. It also outputs excellent computing power which is especially important while analysing market information.


  • Lacks Spontaneity: When you are trading via a desktop, your timings cannot be flexible. You can only buy/sell stocks when you are home. This becomes difficult when you want to take action on a real-time investment.

Mobile App Trading


  • Real-time Movements: Trading via an online trading app seems a much better option when you are trying to build a portfolio. Rapid investment actions can have an impact on your success or failure if you are a regular trader.
  • Easy Access: If you are using a smartphone, you can easily access app-based platforms and browsers. This gives you the flexibility to access the market and select the desired assets.


  • Hasty Decisions: This flexibility can also pose some problems as you might make a spontaneous action that might feel regretful in the future. The actions can cause adverse effects on your portfolio as all the investment-related decisions have to be based on data and insight.

Web vs Mobile: What’s Better?

Now that you have understood the primary difference between a mobile and web trading platform, the decision depends on your comfort and understanding of the market. Although this problem is understood by online trading platforms, they have come up with a solution. Today’s trading applications have attained their presence on the web as well as on a smartphone.

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