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What is Coccydynia (Tailbone Pain)

Brief about tailbone pain

Coccydynia (Tailbone Pain)

Coccydynia alludes to a diligent tailbone torment.

The tailbone, situated at the exceptionally base of the spine, is restoratively known as the coccyx. Coccydynia is normally felt as a limited agony that generally declines when sitting or with any movement that squeezes the base of the spine.

The condition is considerably more typical in ladies than men. It is typically brought about by injury to the tailbone or encompassing region, for example, a regressive fall or labor. On uncommon events, contamination or tumor can likewise cause torment in the coccyx.

This article gives a top to bottom survey of the reasons for coccydynia, determination, and both nonsurgical and careful treatment choices.

Coccydynia Terminology: Tailbone Pain, Coccyx Pain

Coccydynia might be alluded to in different terms, for example,

  • Coccygodynia
  • Coccygeal torment
  • Coccyx torment
  • Coccyaglia
  • Tailbone torment

The different terms are totally used to portray one lot of indications in the tailbone that bring about either tireless torment or irregular, movement-related torment.

Coccydynia Relief

The objective of coccydynia treatment is generally to decrease torment by keeping pressure off of the tailbone, facilitating irritation or muscle strain that adds to the agony, or diminishing torment signs to the mind utilizing drugs. A blend of medicines and action change, for the most part, does the trick to control or lighten tailbone pain.

In uncommon cases, a medical procedure to expel all or some portion of the coccyx might be prescribed, however, the medical procedure (a coccygectomy) is normally possibly thought of if the torment is serious and in any event, a while of non-careful treatment and action change has been insufficient in diminishing agony.

An expected 90% of coccydynia cases resolve with non-surgical medicines, and coccyx torment will frequently show signs of improvement with no treatment at all.

History of Coccydynia

Coccydynia has a long history of being misconstrued. In the mid-1900s, coccydynia was a well-known conclusion for a wide range of lower back torment. A genuinely outrageous treatment, the careful expulsion of the coccyx (coccygectomy), was normally attempted to treat low back agony. Best case scenario, this activity had variable outcomes.

The general conclusion at that point changed totally, and it was regularly hypothesized that since the condition, for the most part, influenced ladies it was somehow or another identified with “anxiety.” The supposition that was that if the activity didn’t work, it was on the grounds that the agony was mental in the source.

Studies that have estimated the viability of psychotherapy as a treatment for coccydynia have discovered little success, and infer that coccydynia exists as an ailment.

The condition is presently viewed as a substantial analysis and is treated in that capacity.

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