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What is drug abuse?

What is drug abuse?

A drug is a chemical substance that produces its effect on the nervous system. The effect may cause pleasure and makes the person unconscious for some time. There are various types of drugs that affect our brain and have damaging effects if taken for a longer time. The addict did not have planned to take them regularly but when starts using them, he feels pleasure and forgets his worries. So starting from rare usage and little doses; he becomes addicted to them.

Misuse of the drugs for pleasure and remaining unconscious comes in the category of drug abuse. The consequences of drug abuse are very dangerous. They not only affect the person physically but also mentally disable him to take part in daily life activities. A drug-addicted person ruins his life but his family also suffers due to this. Unfortunately, the younger generation is becoming more victims of drug addiction due to certain reasons. Many of them have adopted this as a fashion but a lot are using to overcome their depression and anxiety problems. Economic problems related to unemployment and poverty have involved many persons in this curse.

Types of drug abuse

There are many drugs that have potentially life-threatening effects on human life. Along with mental illness, they cause other diseases also. Their effect varies depending upon the type of the drug, dosage, and person’s body response to it. Below are some general drug categories which are most frequently used by the addicts.


Depressants are the compounds that affect the central nervous system and change the alertness. The consumer feels relaxed by taking them. Many types of sleeping pills are misused for this purpose without any prescription of a doctor. They include barbiturates. If they are taken in larger amounts and for a longer time, they cause body coordination problems and the affected is not able to perform duties normally.

Alcoholic drinks

Alcohols are widely used especially in rich communities for pleasure. Exceeding the use of alcoholic drinks makes the drinker senseless. He becomes physically inactive for longer times. It impairs the cognitive functions of the brain and also leads to severe diseases of the liver and kidneys.


Stimulants are the drugs whose effect is very alarming. They increase the heart rate, blood pressure, and give rise to the alertness of a person. Cocaine and amphetamines and marijuana belong to this category. An addicted person feels more energetic after taking the drug.


Opioids are generally the pain-relieving medicines prescribed by doctors to reduce pain. They work with opioid receptors in the brain and create relaxation from pain. Misuse or overuse of pain-relieving medicines to calm your body produces bad effects. Some opioids are illegal as heroin. The overdose of heroin has even reported death in some addicts.

How to get rid of drug abuse?

Whatever the reasons behind the drug addiction, its damaging effect cannot be neglected. Drugs ruin the normal life of a person. He does not remain active to participate in routine activities. Getting rid of drug abuse is not an easy task. It takes sufficient time and proper treatment under professional guidance.  There are special centers for the treatment of drug-addicted persons. Innovative Zone Rehabilitation center is the addiction center in Lahore which is serving from the past 10 years. It has a team of professional doctors and psychiatrists who are experts in in-patient and out-patient treatment. The willingness of the patient matters a lot for fast recovery.


If the addicted person is trying to leave the use of drugs, he must behave strongly. By accepting the weaknesses, he should try to avoid such places where there are more chances to get involved in the addiction again. Self-control, which is very tough in reality, is indeed the first step to enter into normal life.

Seek professional consultation

Taking drugs for a long time makes the body habitual of their usage. Their desire cannot be suppressed by the addict in the future. Consultation from a professional doctor can help a lot in this case. In some cases, medication is necessary to perform drug detoxification. Counseling from an experienced psychiatrist also improves the condition.

Take supportive services

Supportive services include professional assistance as well as cooperation from family and friends. The patient improves much faster when encouraged by his loving ones.

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