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What Is GBWhatsApp And How To Download GBWhatsApp Full Guide

Ultimate Guide to GBWhatsApp App Download

If you are looking to get more information about the What is GBWhatsapp then you have landed on the right page to get a detailed idea about the same.

GB Whatsapp is the modified version of the original Whatsapp app but with more advanced features. This has been designed by the third party without the owner’s legitimacy. What is GBWhatsapp, a popular question that comes when people hear it for the first time?

What Is GB WhatsApp

It is similar to the official popular Whatsapp MOD but with more advanced features and Reduced restriction which makes it more engaging and more popular among people who want to customize their conversation platform as much as they want.

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Technical Aspects

GB Whatsapp GB stands for Giga bite where advanced customization is possible. In the GBWhatsapp Application, the APK file is changed by the third party to reduce the restrictions imposed by the official App. The tweaked UI of GBWhatsapp has the same license or protocol as that of the original one.

How To Download GBWhatsapp

Unlike the official app which can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store, GBWhatsapp cannot be downloaded for Android Smartphones from the Play store. It requires alternative ways or sources to get in installed. This can be installed directly from their website.

Today WhatsApp has multiple uses. Whatsapp is used for calling, video calls, messages, sharing photos. But GBwhatsapp has some more extra features than WhatsApp. If you are looking forward to that extra and advanced feature you must download GBWhatsapp.

Let us now see in simple steps how to download GBWhatsapp.The steps to download GBWhatsapp are as follows.

  1. Check the storage space. Because good storage place is must for GBWhatsapp.
  2. For downloading GBWhatsapp you must allow the Unknown Sources and make the changes in the settings accordingly. In settings, you have to go to security. And insecurity you have to select unknown sources.
  3. Now you have to click on the Download button to download the APK file.
  4. In this way install the GBWhatsapp by selecting the folder and clicking on Install.
  5. Lastly login into GBWhatsaap and enjoy all the best features of GBWhatsaap

What Makes GBWhatsapp more interesting to use

It has all the features of Whatsapp like text messages or sends audio messages, has a video call, shares files but more interesting customization features such as sharing longer video, personalization of app, etc. The usages are similar to the original one as the modified version is developed upon the same source code as that of Whatsapp. This is not an add-on feature but a standalone development.

The modified version includes extra functions on the user’s demand to make the working process easy. A few of the functions include – use of two numbers at the same time, options to hide your status or last seen, and the typing indicator.

GBWhatsapp has made it feature user-friendly and is of great use in these tech-savvy worlds. It makes the work easy and communication faster. All such apps make life moving in just one go or click. The living becomes worthy when such apps come into play and make our life entertaining and engaged.

GBWhatsApp Features 

GBwhatsapp has all the features as in the official App such as:

  • Use standard phones to access such apps
  • Usage of block and unblock facility helps a lot to ignore or disable certain calls or messages.
  • The privacy option helps to even hide your last seen.

It has other special features which are not in standard Whatsapp application such as:

  • Sharing longer Videos.
  • This app has Anti-Ban features. It cannot ban its user and is Ban Proof.
  • The tick styles can be changed as per one’s choice.
  • The second tick can be accessed as of your choice. You can even hide double ticks. In short, the ticks can be customized according to your choice or need. And the viewer will have the least idea about the same.
  • The original version doesn’t provide any official messages at the time of banning your account. But GBwhatsapp comes with the idea of bypassing the usages.
  • Once the app is downloaded one can assess it with the help of a new number for conversations and also has an improved or modified privacy policy for the safety of the users.

Such facilities are not available on the standard Whatsapp settings. The changes made in the original Whatsapp need to be implemented to you also, But in the case of GBwhatsapp, the changes are done one way and you have the fun of everything.

Privacy and Customization in GB Whatsapp

Some of the fun facts about GBWhatsapp are

  • You can zoom the profile photo in your contacts. Whenever anyone changes their Whatsapp picture you will get a notification or alert tune for the same.
  • One can easily copy another’s status simply by clicking on their status, copy and download.
  • When it comes to sharing media, one can share 90 images at once in this version of Whatsapp.
  • Audio of 100 MB and video of 30 MB can be sent easily without any trouble.
  • The media gets downloaded To view, it clicks on the media and plays it. Your purpose will be fulfilled quickly, and it will also save time.
  • Customization is easy for messenger themes. The dark mode and built-in emoji can be used via this app. Even miss calls can be customized using such an app. The call screen can also be changed as per your choice.
  • Broadcast text messages can be sent to the group with easy accessibility and usage.
  • Filter messages option is also available to get rid of the messages or clear your chat.
  • Even one can share their live location with their friends to have a safe ride.
  • Multiple messages can be revoked via these apps. And one can go through the history of the revoked messages.
  • You can even customize the font as of your choice to make it look better and attractive.

One thing to note with GBWhatsapp is that being a modified version there is always a security risk involved. As this is not authorized so it is not recommended to use it officially.

All the features are modded and insured in GBWhatsapp as compared to the original or official one. This is one of the reasons to remove such an app from the play store as it may bring privacy threats to the user.

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This was all about What is GBWhatsapp and how to download GBwhatsapp and why to use GBWhatsapp, Features. I hope you got all your queries answered in this article and Please share this Article with your Friends.

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