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What Is Pipe Relining & How Does It Work?

When it comes to fixing blocked or broken drains, a common method is used called pipe relining. Compared to other traditional methods of drain repairs and fixing pipes, pipe relining becomes efficient and cost-effective. 

Since this system does not require digging a trench for access to pipe replacement, it is called trenchless pipe repair technology. The pipes get fixed where they lie with the little upturning of the soil. 

How Long Does Pipe Relining Last?

The warranty that your pipe relining services offer might differ, but the trenchless system of fixing all sorts of damaged pipes are durable. Generally, most pipe liners come up with an installation warranty of at least 10 years, which is fair enough. Also, you should search for Pipe Relining Melbourne on the web.

Procedures used in pipe relining:

The first step of pipe relining is examining the damaged pipe with the help of a CCTV camera. This inspection figures out the determination of the level of damage in the pipe. Then you have to decide whether you want to overhaul completely or reline the pipes.

Using a hydro-jet that will supply water at very high pressure so that the oils and grease are removed, the pipes are cleaned once you decide to reline the pipe. This is crucial since resin and residue will not go along in the pipe. It might cause weird linings in the reformed pipe if this is not properly done.  

The lining materials are assembled when the pipe is cleaned, certainly enough. The liner is positioned in the calibration tube so that when it is time for curation, the liner can be pushed out by the tube. A calibration tube is created out of fibreglass or polyester. The two-part epoxy resin is mixed after that properly.

To make sure that the epoxy touches the fibre, the liner is compressed in an inversion. The liner is to be kept in an ice bowl to prevent it from curing before you place it after it is wetted out.

The lining process starts when it is loaded into the inversion tank. Through an access point upstream, the pipe is filled with epoxy. Also, you should look for Anytime Melbourne Plumbing on the web.

Then UV light is used to complete the curing process in the tube. Once the resin is hardened, a robotic cutter is used to cut open the junctions that closed up when the epoxy was forced inside.

Finally, check that the pipe is working properly without any sort of open space in the resin or wrinkling. Also, you must search for Pipe Relining Melbourne on the web.


When you are fixing your blocked toilet drains, damaged pipes, and broken kitchen pipes, it is suggested to get the pipe relined. It is versatile as it adheres to a wide range of pipe materials. You must contact a service when you are opting for a pipe relining so that they can provide you with the best information about the procedure.

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