What Is the Average Salary of a Plumber?

What Is the Average Salary of a Plumber?

There are almost half a million plumbers working throughout the U.S. right now. But there is always room in the plumbing industry for more.

If you would like to become a plumber, you should look into what your job responsibilities would be in advance. It’ll help you decide whether or not you want to try to turn yourself into the best plumber you can be.

You should also attempt to answer the question, “What is the average salary of a plumber?” It’ll enable you to figure out how much money you could potentially make as a plumber.

Many plumbers make right around $60,000 each year. But your plumber salary will depend on a handful of different factors.

Check out some of the factors that will impact the money that you’ll be able to make as a plumber.


When you’re first trying to answer the question, “What is the average salary of a plumber?”, you should begin by considering your location. It’s going to play a much bigger part in the amount of money that you can make than you might think.

As we alluded to earlier, there are hundreds of thousands of plumbers scattered throughout the country. But there are some areas that have more plumbers than others.

If you’re going to be working in an area that doesn’t have many plumbers as of right now, you won’t have a ton of competition. That could lead to you being able to make more money as a plumber.

If, on the other hand, you end up working in an area that has tons of plumbers already, it might make it a little more difficult for you to find work. That could cut into your profits and bring your salary back down to earth.

Google “plumbers near me” to see how many plumbers there are in your area at this time.


When you start working as a plumber, you’re obviously not going to have much experience under your belt. Because of this, you aren’t going to be able to command the plumber salary that you might want.

Generally speaking, most plumbers need to spend at least a few years making a salary that is on the lower end of the spectrum before they can start making some serious cash. Young plumbers must pay their dues before they get their big break.

But once you get some experience, it’ll open up the possibilities for you. You should be able to start making money hand over fist while working as a plumber. And your potential earnings will only grow from there.


To become a plumber, you’re going to need to get some formal training. You will have to go to school to get the right certifications to begin working as an apprentice for an existing plumber.

But much of the learning that you’ll do in the plumbing industry will come thanks to on-the-job training. You’ll learn so much about carrying out plumbing services by going in to work each and every day.

Over time, you’ll be able to build up your expertise and add new skills to your toolbelt. That will eventually allow you to make a lot more money than you were able to back in the beginning.

Your goal from the second that you first become a plumber should be to improve your plumbing skills a little bit at a time. It’ll have you commanding a much higher salary and taking on more intricate jobs down the line.


After you’ve spent some time working as a plumber, you might be able to launch your own plumbing business. But until then, you’re going to have to work for a plumbing company in your area to get the necessary experience and expertise.

You’re going to quickly discover that not all plumbing companies offer the same salaries to their employees. There will be some differences between what larger plumbing companies and smaller plumbing companies will offer to you.

You should apply for as many plumbing jobs as you can so that you can find a plumber salary you can live with. You should also keep your head on a swivel at all times when it comes to looking for new plumbing opportunities. You might be able to increase your salary simply by switching jobs every couple of years.


One of the great things about being a plumber is that there will almost always be chances for you to collect overtime pay. There will be plumbing emergencies that will take place, and if you’re ambitious enough, you can respond to them and get paid handsomely for doing it.

Make sure that you remember this when you’re calculating your plumber salary. Even if your actual salary is relatively low, you may be able to tackle a lot of overtime work to bring it up. It’s not uncommon at all for plumbers to pad their pockets by accepting emergency jobs for those who need to hire a plumber.

So, What Is the Average Salary of a Plumber?

It can be challenging trying to answer the question, “What is the average salary of a plumber?” In some places, it’ll be way higher than $60,000, and in others, $60,000 will be the maximum that a plumber can make.

You should carefully consider each of the factors that we’ve listed here. They’ll help you figure out what you can expect to make if you decide to launch a career as a plumber.

Look for more advice on picking a great career by browsing through more of the articles published on our blog.

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