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What Is the Best Sleeping Position for Your Back?

What Is the Best Sleeping Position for Your Back?

8% of all American adults experience chronic back pain. Are you one of them? If so, you know that sleeping isn’t always easy.

If you find yourself tossing and turning in bed, or waking up feeling sore or stiff, it might be because you haven’t found the best sleeping position for you.

We’re here with some advice. Keep reading to learn all about how to find the right sleeping position to support your back.

How to Sleep on Your Back

Most people are aware that sleeping on your back is the best option for several reasons. It’s best for your skin, spinal alignment, joint pain, and more. With that in mind, it’s not always the most comfortable sleeping position for people with lower back pain.

If you don’t have the right pillows or mattress, you might not get the lower back support that you need. Some people find that they have to lie flat without pillows under their heads to stay comfortable.

While you’re finding a mattress that best supports your back, try putting a pillow under your knees in the meantime. You can also add a folded towel under your lower back.

These things will keep your spine in proper alignment while you sleep so you don’t wake up feeling sore.

With this in mind, some people actually need to recline in order to sleep comfortably on their back. If this is the case for you, it’s in your best interest to get an adjustable mattress. Pillows often won’t offer enough support, though a wedge pillow may help short-term.

How to Sleep on Your Side

So what if you’re a side sleeper? People will give you sleeping tips and tell you that side sleeping isn’t the best choice, but some of us can’t sleep any other way. Don’t worry, there are some great ways to sleep on your side while preventing or easing back pain.

Sleep with a pillow between your knees. Make sure that your shoulder is touching your mattress instead of the pillow. If your waist isn’t touching the mattress, a small pillow or towel will help there as well.

Again, this will keep your body in better alignment.

How to Sleep on Your Stomach

Stomach sleeping is thought to be a back-pain no-no, but it doesn’t have to be. While sleeping on your stomach can put more strain on your neck and lower back, a simple pillow can fix the problem.

Place the pillow under your lower abdomen to help straighten your body. You may find that you no longer want a pillow under your head, but if that’s the case, it can be helpful to get a higher-quality mattress so you still have adequate support.

So What’s The Best Sleeping Position for You?

It’s important to learn how to sleep the “right” way when you have back pain. There’s no one best sleeping position that will work for every person, so try several of these options to see what feels right.

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