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What Is The Difference Between Living Room And Hall Room?

Living rooms are the only rooms in a house where one can rest, watch TV, spend time with family, and more. If you wish, you can also serve your guests in the living room or hall, with the best possible seating arrangement in both.

However, most people say that the Living room is the same as the Hall. In the same way that the living room and drawing room share many features, I agree with that statement. 

However, there are some differences between the Living room and the Hall, which you should know before making any decorations or trying out new outfits in your home. 

What Is The Difference Between Living Room And Hall

The living room is a room used for social activities generally for family use, and sometimes for guests if you do not have a drawing room. It is possible to place different entertainment sources in a living room, such as a TV, swings, fireplace, and other such items. 

However, the hall is used only to serve the guests and no entertainment activities are held there. Many people don’t have halls in their houses because they have small living spaces, so in that case, you could use your drawing room or living room as a hall. 

Halls were first seen in Europe during the Iron Age and early Middle Ages, when lords and retainers used them for dining and sleeping. During the Middle Ages, these halls were built in castles and large houses for servants and slaves. 

In time, halls became the party rooms where people danced and drank, often with servants still sleeping there. 

In some regions of the United States, halls can now be used to store shoes, jackets, etc. For these people, the living room is a place to relax eating, relax, and watch TV. There are few regions of the world where the hall is considered a parlor, where people sit and wait. 

The living room is used for family purposes and entertainment, whereas the hall room is used to host special guests like lawyers, doctors, and business meetings, and it does not have any entertainment facilities.

Does It Make Sense To Call the Living Room a Living Hall?

Having read the above section, you can see the main difference between them. In most cases, it’s awkward to call your living room a living hall. 

Because both rooms serve different purposes, the family uses the living room whereas the best uses the living hall.

However, if your home is built on a small plot of land and you cannot build a hallway, then you may use your living room as a hall, and call it a living hall. You can also call your living room a drawing room in such a case. 

Is the Living Room and Drawing Room the same?

These are confusing terms, and many people get stuck while trying to figure them out. Both the living room and drawing room are used to serve guests. But again, they differ slightly. 

A drawing room is a small space in your home that can be used for entertaining guests, just like your living room. 

Whereas the Living hall is large and has no entertainment source, but you can put a TV and other stuff in there. Halls, however, traditionally contain only furniture and seating areas for special guests. 

Why US houses do not have living rooms

The US has many types of homes, some of which follow traditional architecture and are built in halls and others not. In modern home design, the focus is on open design and maximum living space. Halls are considered a waste of space by them. 

In place of halls, they use a drawing room or parlor for family and business guests. The majority of people in some areas have large areas or built castles, so their millionaires have to build living halls in their homes. 


They refer to a space in the house where guests can relax, socialize, and entertain. Despite the fact that both terms are interchangeable, they differ in many ways. To clear up any confusion, here are a few explanations.

How did the Living Room and Drawing Room come into existence?

In the 16th century, the term ‘drawing room’ was first used. Later in the 19th century, people started using the term ‘living room’. The latter term evolved from the concept of the drawing room.

What are the main differences between a living room and a drawing room?

Living room

In most houses, the living area is located in the center.

The lounge is also known as the sitting room.

A place for family members to gather together for some quality time. Due to its intended use for family entertainment and recreation, the room is rarely used to welcome guests for more casual and candid discussions.

Drawing room

The term appeared in the 18th century and designates a space which is mainly used for entertaining the guests. It’s not a room where the homeowners would spend their free time but more like the space where guests are sited before and after dinner.

The two rooms can also be told apart by judging their location in the house. The drawing room is typically situated near the entrance and close to the front door so guests can go directly inside without having to pass through other rooms. The living room, on the other hand, is often found at the center of the house.

Guests often use it to entertain themselves. The homeowners and other members of the household welcome guests to the drawing room for dinner. A drawing room can be described as a more formal space.

Let us learn a bit more about it:


Living room- a living room is usually found in the middle of the home as an extension of the dining area. When you cross the drawing room, you often find yourself in the living room, even though both rooms serve the same function.

Drawing room – A drawing room is normally located near the entrance, so visitors can walk straight in. In addition, guests don’t have to pass through other rooms to enter the house.


The living room is normally the largest room in the house, decorated with elegant pieces of furniture such as a center table, a TV table, an armchair, floor lamps, and decorative items such as portraits. Beautiful artwork and family photo frames decorate the walls.

The drawing room is a more formal space, often well-kept with bookshelves, sofa sets, a centre table, etc. There is a more formal tone in the room since guests are welcome here to discuss important matters. Keeping the décor simple and functional, it is meant to function as a whole.

The main difference between a living room and a drawing room

Moods and tones

Living room- the colors used on the walls and on the cabinets should complement the mood of the rest of the house.

The drawing room- This sitting area has more pleasant and light colors that create a pleasing atmosphere for guests.

In many houses, the living room and the drawing room are in the same room. In that case, you need to mix and match the above-mentioned ideas to create a harmonious setting.

Whatever colours you choose for the wall, select the types of furnishings or decorative items, the ultimate thought is to create a cosy, yet sophisticated ambience for moods of discussions and activities.

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