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What is the importance of self discipline?

Indiscipline in all kinds of behaviour

The problem of discipline is acute in our country. We see indiscipline in all kinds of behaviour, whether littering on the roads, reaching late or travelling without tickets in trains. This has stemmed from the inability of our education system to instil discipline in the students.

Undisciplined people are a nuisance to society. To fix this, we need to teach disciplinary behaviour in our curriculum so that we nurture disciplined people.

pertinent to the growth of the nation

The value of discipline is pertinent to the growth of the nation. Self-discipline is indispensable for success, as it drives an individual to regulate his behaviour & acts. The beginning of discipline should start from the school itself. If the students understand the meaning of a disciplined life in the school, they will remain disciplined throughout their lives.

Discipline is into everything, from waking up on time to completing the assigned work & retiring to bed on time. We regulate this through discipline only. No individual can succeed without discipline.

Keeping this in mind, VGI Meerut inculcates discipline in the overall development of its students. Reaching for class on time to complete their assignments on time is possible through discipline only. We should discipline a teacher first to impart disciplinary behavior to its pupils. VGI trains our students by following a strict regimen to make us the best B.ed colleges in Meerut Uttar Pradesh.

We penalize students for coming late for class. A teacher should understand the value of discipline to succeed in life.

disciplined to achieve their goals

If we see the biographies of eminent men, they were disciplined to achieve their goals. VGI makes its students take part in games & cultural activities for their overall development. This enhances their confidence to nurture as smart teachers & make us the best B.ed colleges in Uttar Pradesh UP.

We cannot deny the importance of games in today’s time. Because of academic pressure, children cannot take part in games. This leads to poor health & laziness. Games & physical activity stimulates the individual to concentrate & improves his performance in academics.

physical activity for its students

VGI dedicates 1 hour to compulsory physical activity for its students. Students can participate in yoga, games or other physical activity to revitalize their mind, body & soul. This way they remain fit & concentrate on their studies to make us the best B.ed colleges in Meerut Uttar Pradesh UP.

academic excellence of the students

VGI concerns itself with the academic excellence of the students. We impart knowledge by making the students take part in the learning process. In today’s cutthroat competition, we can achieve conceptual understanding through role-plays, case studies, debates & discussions that impart learning by doing. We strive for experiential learning. Once a teacher has taught a topic, we ask students to summarize its key learnings. This pushes them to recall their understanding & leads to clarity.

VGI teachers adopt a participative approach while discussing a topic in class that leads to motivated students and make us the best B.ed colleges in Meerut Uttar Pradesh UP.

We have well trained our lecturers to nurture all kinds of students. The faculty members adopt a generous approach, which allows the students to reveal their difficulties & issues.
An authoritative teacher may be an excellent demonstrator, but he needs to accommodate varied learning needs. This way, lecturers teach, keeping in mind the different learning levels to make us the best B.ed colleges in Meerut Uttar Pradesh UP.

technique of continuous evaluation

VGI adopts the technique of continuous evaluation. In this technique, we hold regular assessments & provide remedial action with feedback for improvement. This approach reduces the burden on the student, as he has to cover a small syllabus before the exam.
Through regular feedback & individual remedial measures, improve performance to make us the best B.ed colleges in Meerut Uttar Pradesh UP.

efficiently helps the students

We are the only institution that provides a demo room to budding teachers. A teacher’s ability to present his topic efficiently helps the students grasp the topic well. We can achieve this through regular practice in a simulated environment and The demo room has an AV recording system which allows one to check their performance later on. Teachers master their demonstration & become competent to make us the best B.ed colleges in Meerut Uttar Pradesh UP.

communication & behaviour skills

The training & placement cell at VGI is doing eclectic work. They organize field visits, through which students gain exposure & useful insights into teaching. We train them in communication & behaviour skills that are crucial for success. We also give training in interview preparation & group discussion. The language lab enhances their communication & pronunciation to make us the best B.ed colleges in Meerut Uttar Pradesh UP.

We update our faculty through Faculty development programs (FDP). We believe that the knowledge givers have to be updated to foster excellent education. The faculty participates in FDP conducted by NCERT, SCERT & educational institutions to remain abreast of the latest trends.
VGI trains its teachers on total quality management (TQM) because they can successfully manage an institution. The focus of the training is the student. We provide the student with knowledge that enhances their skill set to become exemplary teachers. Our students create a niche for themselves in the teaching world. Our training is futuristic as it incorporates in-demand skills to make us the best B.ed colleges in Meerut Uttar Pradesh UP.

importance of teamwork

We cannot deny the importance of teamwork in today’s time. No institution can excel without the collective effort of its workforce. VGI, through its teaching technique, inculcates teamwork in its students. These teachers can adorn additional responsibility & contribute towards the efficient functioning of the school. Most of our alumni are successful educators that make us the best B.ed colleges in Meerut Uttar Pradesh UP.

We are the only institution that has an in service training department for training the faculty. This way, we remain abreast with the latest happenings in the world of education. Finally, our faculty receives the vital skills they transfer to budding teachers to make us the best B.ed colleges in Meerut Uttar Pradesh UP.

B.ed Colleges

VGI’s cultural cell works for the universal development of the students. They organize cultural activities where students exhibit their talent & refine their personalities. This way, even introverts take part in the functions & improve their charisma. Moreover, we organize the annual fest that attracts students from all over the country.
The 3-day function comprises dance, drama & fashion shows where students showcase their curricular talent to make us the best B.ed colleges in Meerut Uttar Pradesh UP.

Learning through observation is an important ingredient of VGI. We take students on institution visits where they observe teachers & learn new skills. Students interact with professional teachers who guide them in key areas that are crucial for employment. This is hands-on exposure that makes our students competent educators. Students get a feel of the school environment & abreast themselves with the teaching job. Moreover. this experience makes them conversant with the work profile & responsibilities that make us the best B.ed colleges in Meerut Uttar Pradesh UP.

VGI incorporates trainers who train our students on designing an efficient MCQ that strengthens learning & make us the best B.ed colleges in Meerut.

important learning activity

We train on discussion as an important learning activity. We support a teacher to stimulate learning, which he can accomplish in the class through discussion. VGI trains It’s students to present a topic in a manner that leads to understanding because, through open discussion, students imbibe concepts & we clarify their doubts instantaneously. Because, by roll call every student will discuss at his turn that inspires learning to make us the best B.ed colleges in Meerut UP.

In conclusion, another important teaching method is presentation because this method also fosters experiential learning. After the teacher has explained a topic like homework, they can ask students to prepare & present it before the class. Finally this way, students will take part & we clarify their misconceptions to make us the best B.ed colleges in Meerut UP.

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