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What is the Procedure to Get a Degree Certificate Attestation?

Degree Certificate Attestation in UAE

Depending on what purpose you are going to use the certificate and what type of work visa your employer is assigning to you.

Unless you validate your documents from the appropriate authority your document can’t accept by the significant embassy. Do this good progress of time as there might be sure documents that will set aside some opportunity for arrangement.

The time it takes to complete the attestation is determined by a number of factors. The time schedule varies due to the involvement of a variety of government departments. It usually takes between eight and ten days to finish. However, delays may occur due to unforeseen circumstances. This task can be a headache or a difficult experience if you’re not fully aware of the process and the legal requirements to begin your expert professionals in the UAE.

Therefore In this article, I’m gonna discuss a complete guide on the attestation process steps, and important points to consider.

Documents required for Degree certificate attestation:

  • The original Degree certificate (by the jurisdictions in the name of the certificate owner)
  • Passport copies of the document holder
How we will Process Your Documents :

The representative will reach your house to check and collect the document or certificate for attestation or if the Location is out of reach then we will arrange a courier to collect your documents.

Once our collection executive handover the document in the Office, then we will enter the document information into our system for continuous monitoring and timely attestation processing.

Our most dependable courier partner will deliver the certificate to your home country.

The initial attestation procedure will be started by our service partners in the certificate’s place of origin.

As previously stated, the attestation authority and ministry are determined by the type of certificate to be certified. As a result, the certificate will be sent to the appropriate department or office.

If you want the whole process to proceed, smoothly make sure you are organized & here are procedures to get a degree certificate attestation that might help you:

Degree Certificate Attestation in the Origin Country
  • Any certificate or document’s original attestation must be conducted in the certificate’s native nation. The type of certificate to be certified will determine which office will do the first attestation.
  • Firstly, it requires a Validation of Degree Certificate from your respective state Higher Education Department (HRD).
  • If an academic credential, for example, requires authentication, the university from wherever it was issued does provide preliminary and basic attestation. If you have an educational credential, you must submit it to the Ministry of Human Resources and Development.
  • After that HRD Validated Degree Certificate, we will Legalize from UAE Embassy in the origin country.
  • Then certificate goes to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE for final attestation. It must be provided to the country’s Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) or Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). MEA or MOFA will review the document or certificate before recognizing it as authentic and stamping it with their signature.
  • The certificate presents to the UAE Embassy or Consulate in the nation once it has a valid stamp by the appropriate agencies in the originating nation. Only embassy-authenticated certifications will be accepted by the UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Another process of attesting Degree Certificate for use in UAE starts with Notary Public. A notary certifies the identity of the signatory from the Home Department.
  • Then it will go to the Ministry of External Affairs (Home Country) and the UAE Embassy from the origin country of the document.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs UAE is the final step in attesting any certificate for UAE there they will check that the document has a notary stamp, UAE Embassy stamp from your country.

Steps to Get MOFA Attestation in Dubai UAE

There is also an attestation charge. It varies depending on the type of document to be certified and is subject to periodic change. Everyone who wants their document legalization would be wondering how long it would take to get them verified in the United Arab Emirates.

Step 1: Get an appointment with MOFA

You can reserve Appointments for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE online. You can also get an appointment with the help of an attestation expert in the United Arab Emirates. To book an appointment for MOFA attestation, provide details such as confirmation location, the name of the branch where you are moving for an appointment, the name of the candidate, the Emirates ID, the passport, the country, and the type of certificate attestation by the Ministry.

You will receive a piece of information confirming your appointment. If you have not yet paid the attestation fee you can cancel or change the appointment.

Step 2: Give the fee for MOFA attestation

If you do not make the payment for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation UAE within a few hours from the time you book the appointment, the booking will drop automatically. If you have paid for MOFA Attestation in Dubai and do not need the service, you will need to apply for a refund that includes other steps.

Step 3: Visit the MOFA in the UAE

Make certain you enter the MOFA office fifteen minutes from you registering the appointment. Individuals and UAE companies have different counters. Make certain you get the token that fits your situation. You can attest your personal documents to the Ministry. You can control the Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation to your dependents; But, even if you have your cousins ​​or friends at the time of the appointment, the ministry will not certify their documents.

You will require to grant the requirements of the UAE MOFA Attestation, which may vary depending on the nature of the certificate required for certification. This is why you should inquire about the advice of attestation specialists in the UAE, as they can advise you on what you need to pay the local officials to complete the process.

Which documents are not acceptable for MOFA attestation?

The documents that are not acceptable even that has attestation from the origin country for Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation are:

  • Identity card
  • Passports
  • Residence
  • Documents associated with immovable property

Usage of MOFAIC App

If you use the MOFAIC application to apply for Document Attestation in the UAE, the method will continue as described above. But, there are some extra moves you need to pay attention to.

  • Download the MOFAIC application
  • Choose “Personal Services” or “Business Services” based on the user type
  • Success on the “Attest Official Document and Certificates” option
  • Sign in or create your number
  • Comprehend the procedure

Fee for MOFA Attestation in UAE

MOFA Attestation Fee for Personal Certificates

Personal documents, both in and out of the UAE, cost 150 AED each for MOFA attestation.

MOFA Attestation Fee for Commercial Documents

Commercial documents, both in and out of the UAE, cost 2,000 AED each for MOFA attestation.

How long does it require for MOFA attestation in UAE?

Even if you have applied for a degree, birth, marriage certificate attestation in Dubai or any other certification in the UAE like an Educational certificate, MOFA attestation can take up to two working days.

We provide end-to-end attestation services to assist company owners, families, and individuals in getting degree certificate attestation promptly and conveniently.

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