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What is the role of Physics in our Life? 

What is the role of Physics in our Life? 

Physics, which is also defined as the study of substance, liveliness, and the connections between them, play an important role while understanding the laws and rules that govern the entire physical world. To make the physics concepts clear, students take online physics tuition from the physics and maths tutor. Not all the students grow up learning physics in a detailed way, and many study it till school or UG level only. No matter what level you are studying Physics, all of us use the basic physics concepts in day to day life. To make it clear, Ziyyara’s online physics tutor has provided some examples to explain the use of physics concepts in day to day life to all the students taking online physics home tuition.


Online Home Tuition For Physics
Online Home Tuition For Physics


What is Physics?

Physics is a branch of Science that deals with all matter, its nature and its properties. It includes study of several concepts and topics like heat, mechanics, light, electricity, sound, sound, etc. and help ask questions and use our observation and experimenting skills to come to a conclusion. For some students, studying Physics is easy but for many learning it is not an easy task, thus it is recommended to take online tuition for physics to lower your fear and anxiety. Moreover having a good knowledge of computers is important for advanced Physics learning as computer programming languages are required while solving the difficult physical processes.

How do all people apply Physics Concepts in their day-to-day life?

Knowing the physics concepts sound awesome, but it becomes more interesting when you get to know that physics concepts are applied in the real-world as well. We encourage all online home tuition for Physics taking students to apply different physics thoughts on their day to day life so that they can feel both absorbed and happy to learn what happened, when and how it happened.

A few examples explaining the prominence of physics in daily life

The instances mentioned below are countless ways to present some brainstorming manners amongst students to use physics every day.

Heat-Gas stove

Heat is defined as energy which gets transmissions from a furnace material to colder substance. On using a warmer material like a stove, coil, or hotplate, the heat energy is transferred to the pot or pan which is kept on the top of the warmer substance. The similar heat gets transferred from pot to the food item which is kept inside it

Some other examples using heat which are taught by our physics and maths tutor are:

  •       Ironing flat that wrinkles from a top
  •       Drizzly clothes are dried using hot air coming from the dryer

Sound – Headphones

Minor speakers installed in the earphones use electricity and affect magnets while creating sound waves. The same sound waves coming at the speaker bounce off our eardrums, which is recognized by our brain as music. Sound surfs we hear, bounce back the objects and use air passes inside our ears. Our brain recognizes the waves to know the sound and from where and at what frequency it is coming.

Similarly a dog barking on a road or jerking of a tire are other examples of heat.

The gravity of a jell pen

The tip of a pen has a ball that moves as we use the pen to write in a copy or a notepad. The ink or jell exclusive pen is present in the ball. As per the law of gravity, the ink gets pulled down towards the paper, and the ball starts rolling when we write. In case we stop writing but keep the pen in the writing position only, then the gravity will pull all the ink down and it will come on that piece of paper.

Car Seat Belt

When our body moves, it takes more power to stop moving. Similarly while sitting in the car, our body moves quickly with an increase in the speed of the car. The seatbelt that we tie around us prevents our body from continuing to move when we hit the brakes. In case there is no seatbelt, a sudden break might throw us out of the car.

Batteries in car

Whatever with an inbuilt battery-operated in stores is being referred to as electrical energy. The car supplies electrical energy in its battery which later is used for starting the engine and for running the electrical components of the car like AC, FM, etc. The engine uses ignition while making electrical energy which is stored in the battery to be used in the future.

More fun learning of electricity taught during online physic tuition:

  • Twinkling lights which are used for decorating purposes pass electricity from an outlet or battery using a wire. The wire is used to light up all the bulbs that are attached to the wire.
  • A toaster makes electricity while making heat in the coils which in turn toast the bread.

Physics is applied in our Everyday base

Knowing additional physics while taking online home tuition for Physics is much additional than studying a subject. From volcanoes to the ocean’s waves, all things around it deal with physics, all these concepts are taught to schoolchildren by Ziyayra’s online tuition near you 

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