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What Is The Training Process Of Armed Security In Los Angeles?

Armed security Los Angeles

Security guards are the professionals that are meant to secure your premises and other belongings. They go through training and are capable of handling all kinds of situations. Security guards are both armed and unarmed. Several companies provide many security services including guard services as well. These security guards receive thorough training from authorized institutions. These training sessions differ from area to area. For instance, armed security in Los Angeles receives different training that’s different from the guards getting training from any other area. However, if you are looking for the best security services, Proforce 1 Protection Services is providing a wide range of security services in Los Angeles.

Components of armed security guards training

An armed security personal training components include:

  • First and foremost, is getting knowledge about the country-specific rules and regulations that can differ.
  • Secondly, the training related to the use of force. Again it varies from place to place.
  • Finally, firearms training as the armed personal should be trained to use the weapons appropriately.

Requirements for armed security guards in Los Angeles

An armed security guard is an important component of any security system. These people do surveillance and respond to any emergency situations. So, there are certain requirements for becoming an armed security guard in Los Angles as these training criteria vary. These requirements include:

  • First one is the completion of firearm application in order to get an armed license. The person possessing the license has to renew it after two years.

    As regards arms, the companies make sure to buy complete AR-15 rifles to train the staff. Hence, no need to invest your own money on buying the weapon.

  • Then, four-time re-qualification of permit is mandatory for the applicant. Moreover, throughout the period of employment, the permit needs to be valid.
  • Additionally, a 14-hours armed security guard training is essential to become a security guard. It includes the following:
    • Training of weapon handling and shooting
    • Nomenclature of firearms
    • Moral and legal training aspects
    • Emergency response training
    • Shooting range training

Armed security Los Angeles

Training procedure of armed security guards in Los Angeles

Guard training in Los Angeles consists of the following steps:

1- Guard security card

Fundamental requirement in guard training is getting a guard card. This guard card ensures that you have thorough background security checks. This verification process is based on fingerprint scanning. There is no escape and anyone who wants to join the security force has to go through this. These background check forms are available and a security professional will tell you about the form required for your license type. But for a guard card, one must complete an 8-hour “power to arrest” training course. You can pass the test in three attempts and the fee for this ranges between $50-$100. You can give the test both online and in person. The competition certificate and fingerprint form will proceed you to the next step.

2- Guard application

After completing the initial -hours training you’ll have to submit the guard application. The fee for a guard application is $50. Here you need to submit an additional $80 for a firearm permit. In the next step, you have to fill the forms and fill them to take them to the local live scan provider. Then they will be doing fingerprint scans for an additional cost of $60. Further, the scanning authority will proceed with your form and fill out the necessary section. Subsequently, they will give you an ATI number that you will need for the next step.

3- Form submission

In this step, you will submit the form on the California state website. You can submit the form online or can use mail service. The total fee for this process is around $50.


4- Approval

In the next step you will wait for the official approval. So, you can check your application status on the official websites. This will cost around $150 and the whole process can take up to 3 weeks.

5- Post approval training

After the official approval you will be receiving your guard card. Then you further need to complete another 16 hours of training within a span of 30 days. This training will be given by the employer and is basically on-job training. Because, this 16-hours training deals with job-specific aspects. Further, within a span of 6 months, you will need another 16-hours training again from your employer.


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