What Is Trenchless Sewer Repair and How Does it Work?

What Is Trenchless Sewer Repair and How Does it Work?

Plumbing problems are some of the most devastating and costly emergencies a homeowner can experience. A leaky pipe or a burst sewer pipe can do a lot of damage to your property. A traditional sewer replacement is a time-consuming and costly task.

Trenchless sewer repair may be the solution to your problem. But what is it, and how does it work? Keep reading to find out more!

Trenchless Sewer Repair: An Overview

Trenchless sewer repair is a pipe repair method that does not need digging a trench. This method is ideal when there is damage or a block in a sewer pipe. Trenchless sewer repair is also known as Cure in Place Pipe (CIPP) lining.

This method inserts a resin-impregnated liner into the damaged pipe. The liner is then inflated, and the resin hardens, creating a new pipe within the old pipe. This pipe repair method requires no digging in your home.

How Trenchless Sewer Repair Works

Trenchless sewer repair is less disruptive than traditional sewer repair methods. It is also less expensive and completed in a shorter timeframe. It only involves minimal excavation, with only two small access holes.

From there, a small camera inserted into the sewer pipe assesses the damage. Once the camera locates the damage, the plumber inserts the pipe liner into the damaged sewer pipe to use as a host. This pipe liner is then inflated, pressing it against the walls of the sewer pipe.

This creates a new, seamless pipe within the existing one. This new pipe is as strong, if not stronger, than the existing pipe. It will not be susceptible to the same damage.

Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Repair

The biggest benefit of trenchless sewer repair is it helps in the relining of pipes without damaging your property. There is no digging needed and the damaged pipe is also reused in the process. This means that there is less damage to your yard and less of a mess.

It also helps you save time in refurbishing your property than traditional methods. The life expectancy of the replaced pipes also adds up to 50 years. It also limits your exposure to health and environmental hazards.

Drawbacks of Trenchless Sewer Repair

This method of sewer repair is gentle on your property and can save time and money. One of its drawbacks though is that it has limited capacity to handle damages. Some damages in your sewer lines may still need digging in your yard.

Some pipes are also unsalvageable. This means that the method is impossible to do since it needs a total replacement of your pipelines.

Great Option for Your Home

A trenchless sewer repair is a great option for sewer line repair and replacement. It is less disruptive to your property and saves time for you and others. If you think you may need trenchless sewer repair, contact a local sewer repair company.

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