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What Is Your Favourite Ethnic Wear As Women?

It is necessarily the main reason why people prefer to wear ethnic wear. Now, in the Indian context, there is a whole host of choices when it comes to ethnic wear. Everyone ends up having a favorite amongst these.

Ethnic wear is something that has been a part of our culture for generations now. When one puts on something like that, it is like carrying a part of your heritage with you.

Having spoken to many people on this, we have come to realize that saree is the most preferred choice in terms of ethnic wear. The elegance of this unstitch piece of clothing unmatch.

However, that being said, this is mostly the case with older women. The younger lot prefer something more comfortable to maintain and carry.

It includes crop tops with ethnic skirts, lehengas, or salwar kameez. For the modern Indian working woman, Kurtis is an essential favorite. They not only serve as comfortable workwear but also allow a woman to exhibit her feminity gracefully and ethnically.

Top Favorite Ethnic Wear of the Indian Woman

Usually, women wear a tad bit more jewelry when they are in their ethnic wear. It is something many women (particularly young girls) look forward to, and that is why they prefer wearing ethnic clothing.

This article explores the most favorite ethnic wear of the Indian woman. It goes into the details of the unique features of each of these dresses. It also talks about why particular ethnic wear preferred for a specific occasion.

  1. Kurti Leggings:

One of the most elegant comfort wear that is available. Kurtis is the most traditional organza dress worn by the women of the country. These are available in many lengths and cuts. Irrespective of what your age, complexion, body type, or preference is, there will be some Kurtis to suit your taste.

Although they are conventionally worn with leggings, these days’ palazzos are also becoming increasingly popular as bottom wear for Kurtis. Some women choose to team their Kurti leggings with scarves while others decide to give that a miss.

  1. Ghagra Choli:

The traditional dress of the North-western part of the country, there is a certain amount of grace that engulfs the same. It made in cotton with block prints and bandhani work being the most popular.

Although this might not be the most preferred daily wear costume, a good number of women have confessed that ghagra choli is what they like to wear in festivals and weddings.

This dress earns itself brownie points in the fact that it designed to suit every body type irrespective of age or other factors.

  1. Lehenga:

The growing popularity of the lehenga has something with Bollywood celebrities promoting the same. Indeed every girl wants to look as pretty in an ethnic lehenga.

As Alia Bhat or Sonam Kapoor does in their promotional events. The fact that this dress shows the appropriate amount of cleavage and tummy (without bordering on indecency). It is another factor for its favored status among the various other ethnic clothing.

  1. Salwar Kameez:

It is the preferred choice of millions of Indian women because it is as appropriate for a business meeting as it is for a family function. One can look stylish enough in it to be able to hang out with their girlfriends during the day.

It also is cultured enough to be ready to go in front of elderly family elders on a festive occasion. There is a host of bottom wear options that come with the traditional salwar.

There are the usual churidars and salwars, and then there is improvise bottom wear like the Patiala or the semi Patiala.

  1. Ethnic Maxi Dresses:

It is a loose and comfortable casual wear for women who do not want to worry about their body parts being exposed. It subjected to the uncomfortable stares and comments from Indian men.

It is usually in cotton or linen fabric, which is ideal as summer wear. There are many varieties of ethnic maxi dresses available in umbrella cut, high flare, and asymmetric, among others.

One is free to take their pick from single colored, printed, block printed, or embroidered ones. They make comfortable college or work wear and may also be worn on hangouts or vacations.

  1. Saree:

The specialty of this clothing is the amount of variety in which it is available. Almost every state in India has its traditional saree, and women look different in each of them. This variety of looks that the saree has to offer makes it an instant favorite among women.

As this is an unstitched piece of clothing, one can wear it for decades without worrying about their changing body shapes. One of the reasons why the saree is the most favored ethnic wear is emotional attachment. That goes with it since, in many families, it is a tradition to pass on sarees from one generation to the other.

Moreover, as there are many different ways of draping the saree, women like to experiment there as well, resulting in increasing the popularity of the saree.

  1. Ruffled Saree and Crop Top:

It is the preferred choice among those women who aren’t familiar with the different styles of draping the saree and prefer something comfortable to wear.

This look makes one look younger and more stylish than the traditional saree while retaining the grace and dignity associated with saree. It is the ethnic favorite for women who wish to dress up for kitty parties, office family gatherings, birthday or anniversary parties, etc.

The advantage of this ethnic wear is that one can mix and match their ruffled sarees with an array of crop tops to create a new look every time. The crop top may be in the same shade as that of the saree, or something that is, in contrast, may also be worn.


Is it Okay to have More than One Clothing as the Favorite Ethnic Wear?

Such is the diversity and richness of the Indian traditions that many types of ethnic clothing can blow one’s mind. It is okay if you are not to be able to pick your favorite there.

There is no one stopping you from picking up a new ethnic wear every day and revel in the glory of Indian traditions. A detailed study indicated that most women had more than one favorite when it came to ethnic clothing. This statement is right in the case of women from different age groups.

Which is the Ideal Ethnic Wear for a Woman Who is Mostly Wearing Western Outfits?

The kurta leggings are easy to carry and give one the mobility that they are used to while wearing a pair of jeans; thus, if someone is not used to Indian outfits and is looking to try them out for the first time.

The ideal way would be to start with the kurta leggings as the comfort associated with this is unmatched. Once they are comfortable in it, they can then advance to more elegant and sophisticated clothing like that of the saree or the lehenga.

Which is the Most Favorite Style of Draping the Saree?

Be it Gujarat or Bengal; every state in India has its ways of draping the saree. Sometimes even in the same country, you will find different groups draping the saree differently.

For example, in Karnataka, the Coorgis wear their sarees in a manner that’s different from that of the people in the rest of the state.

However, the most favored way of wearing the saree is where the pleats fall in the middle, and the pallu goes at the back over the left shoulders. Irrespective of the state you live in, this is the saree you would find most women around you wearing.

Is it Inappropriate to Wear Ethnic Wear to Business Parties?

There is nothing like the grace and dignity of ethnic look, and it is beautiful to wear the same at a business party. One can go for sarees, salwar kameez, or Kurti leggings here.

Be careful with your style of draping the saree. Make sure that you do not expose more body parts than what is necessary.

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