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What kinds of lawyer services there are, and which ones are more popular?

In this age of law, we can’t have problems that we can’t solve with the help of a lawyer. In fact, in every country, where you can live a legal life, this kind of service is so common and can definitely help you. Nowadays lawyers solve so many problems, you just have to apply for their service and they will solve this problem from A to Z. The services are so many and so different from each other such as:

Car lawyer`

The service of a car lawyer is so common across drivers. Because even the most responsible and experienced driver can be in an accident. The Center for Legal Defense employs experienced lawyers who are able to provide car owners with competent and timely legal support.

Family lawyer`

Friction, disputes, and disagreements often arise between people who are members of the same family. A family lawyer must not only resolve the conflict and resolve controversial issues, but also maintain normal, civilized, human relations between relatives.

Debt problems`

Legal debt collections are the legal issue that is most often addressed to lawyers. Practice shows that it is practically unrealistic to independently collect a debt from a debtor who is unwilling or unable to return the money. In such a case, it is best to turn to lawyers.

Inheritance problems`

Lawyers will help you understand all the nuances of the inheritance case – qualified legal assistance will save you from possible mistakes.

Financial lawyer`

The preservation and growth of capital will allow competent income management and compliance with current legal regulations. The services of a financial lawyer may be required by legal entities and individuals. The expert will dissuade his client from rash actions, prevent the development of financial disputes, and if they arise, he will defend his client’s property, take measures to resolve the issue favorably at the stage of negotiations or in court. Depending on the specifics of the case, the problem is not only resolved in arbitration proceedings – often a violation due to ignorance of legislative norms and unsuccessful financial schemes lead to criminal sanctions.

Real Estate Lawyer`

A real estate lawyer will help resolve any disputes arising from its acquisition, exchange, lease, inheritance, donation. In particular, the specialist will make sure that the deal is clean. On the living space, persons serving a sentence, incapacitated, or minors may be registered. In some cases, the subject of the purchase is on bail or under arrest. The transaction will be invalidated if the seller is found to be incapacitated.

The price of any mistakes is the loss of money and the complete lack of rights to a house, apartment, land plot, commercial object. The real estate agency lawyers often have their own “interest”, while the independent housing expert is completely impartial. A thorough analysis of title documents allows excluding problems during transactions. A legal expert will make sure that the sale and purchase will take place without complications.

This service which we have mentioned is a small part of all services of lawyers. And obviously, there are some problems that are so popular in every county. We will introduce 3 of them.

Civil cases


We can apply a civil lawyer to resolve disputes arising in various areas of legal relations. Help may be needed for:

termination of the contract

debt collection

protection of intellectual property

establishing paternity


compensation for damage in case of an accident

A civil lawyer will assist in resolving land, housing, labor, and other property and non-property disputes. The cost of legal assistance is formed individually.

In the first stage, we always go for a consultation. In its process, it is possible to understand if civil law is doing the right way or not, and what prospects it is dealing with. The specialist will read all the documents, tell you if there is a chance to settle the issue out of court or if you should immediately go to court.. He will explain what problems may arise and highlight the path of development of events. The information obtained by the lawyer at the stage of consultation and in the process of legal proceedings remains confidential.

Next Stage`

The next stage is to work on the settlement of the dispute. Depending on the complexity of the case, full support or a separate service may be required. An integrated approach is preferable. The lawyer will take steps to resolve the claim. He will prepare everything necessary for the trial, draw up a reasoned statement of claim or a response to the claim, and collect evidence. The expert will take part in the meetings, defend the interests of the client, submit petitions and complaints, appeal against decisions, and monitor enforcement proceedings.

Litigation is a complex process, and that requires attention to detail. The lawyer will take into account all the requirements of the law. The cost of refusing his help is sometimes too high. Already at the stage of filing a claim, you may encounter difficulties – due to existing errors, it will not be accepted for consideration.

Land lawyer


The land is considered a profitable investment. Resolve land disputes – qualified lawyers thoroughly know all legislative acts and, if necessary, represent your interests in court.

Even lawyers with extensive practical experience often find it difficult to understand the nuances of land disputes. Without knowing the laws, in particular land law, you may face serious obstacles in obtaining a positive decision in your case – without wasting time, use the services of lawyers. In his work, a lawyer uses not only the legislative framework but also the experience of previous cases – the services of such a specialist will allow you to resolve any issue as quickly as possible. In his competence, problems related to:


cadastral error fixes,

disputes over the establishment of rights to a plot of land,

easement disputes,

refusal to register ownership,

unification, division, demarcation of plots,

disputes about illegal use of the site,

refusal to privatize,

As practical experience shows, most often disputes arise between owners and tenants, as well as between neighbors (due to the imposition of land plot boundaries) – without the services of a good lawyer, it is almost impossible to sort out the problems.


  1. Dissolution of a marriage is carried out with the consent of both, parties or through a court . The death of a husband or wife can also be grounds for divorce. The family lawyer of our center will help you with the preparation of the necessary documents and arguments for the termination of the marriage contract․ As well as the competent drafting of a claim in court in accordance with all the rules of procedural legislation.

2. The division of common property is a rather complex matter that we cannot resolve without judicial intervention, especially if the minor children of the spouses are involving in the process. The initiator of the process is most often one of the spouses, in the presence of the fact of child abuse, the husband/wife’s evasion from participating in his life, and the payment of alimony.

3. A claim can also fill by persons in whose care the child is, and in some cases by himself (if he has already reached the age of 14). When the court makes a positive decision on the case, the child can completely protect from the unscrupulous parent, and he, in turn, will deprive of all parental rights.

In conclusion, living in law is much easier and legal. To apply to the lawyer in any case of a problem.

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