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What Kinds Of Shoes Are There That Every Man Should Own?

You know there are two general rules for owning a small shoe collection that is multipurpose enough to cover all bases. The first one  is : waive fashion and immediately it to classic styles. The second is about spending as much as you may afford. You must think about quality, and not that of quantity because the old saying always stands true. 

Your shoes are most of the times the first thing people notice about you, mainly if they appear like they have been round too various blocks. No matter what kind of person you are, you surely can get the inexpensive or Expensive sneakers or other types of shoes that are meant for your personality.  And once you explore, you will get to know about different categories of shoes that are perfect for you. Here are some types of shoes that you must have in your shoe’s collections.


A firm and dashing pair of loafers are shoeing every man needs. These are the premium in case you are an office jockey who requires semi-formal outfits at the work to keep human resource off your back. Leather driving loafers (or even that of mocs) are just as comfortable as a solid pair of boat shoes without giving an informal or random look. There are even types of shoes that come with tassels, some are with buckles, and some are only plain leather.  These shoes are cosy and look decent too. 


Then these shoes are the business casual of boots; and these are modest and comfortable, yet appear sharp enough for most social occasions where you may be trying to make an impression on people. Not only are these gorgeous shoes for a date or that of hitting happy hour over the weekend, but in case you are a professional compartment person, chukkas look great with khakis or jeans in an office setup.  These are in trend and you can get them in myriad of options once you start exploring.

Duck boots

There is no doubt that wet feet really suck right? You know unless your dress leather boots include the proper treatment, your toes are going to get wet quickly in case you are simply trapsing around outside on a wet day. These water -proof rubber boots are quite a necessity if you are living in an area that stays wet or simply snow filled. These shoes do not simply work well but keep the feet comfy  too. 


If you do not have sneakers , you do not really have a quality shoe pair. Of course, sneakers have become the breath of shoes and you cannot deny this fact. You would hardly find any active person who does not have a set of stunning looking sneakers. You can find manifold colours, designs, textures, material, and patterns in sneakers that you would never be out of options. After all, sneakers are the first choice of people who choose to stay active and look smart.


So, whether you want to buy sneakers shoes or any other sort of shoes, you should be more thoughtful about your footwear sense. After all, your footwear can always make you look amazing and hot.

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