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What role can a teacher play for social reform ?

Teacher Role

Man is a social animal. Since its inception, he has lived in groups because this helps him to socialize & feel secure.

Because of modernization, & nuclear families, youngsters are not getting enough chances to socialize. This is affecting their behavior & personality. We often read stories of youngsters misbehaving with their elders & teachers. This is because of poor parenting & lack of social development in schools.

Schools are responsible to nurture socially responsive individuals who are an asset for the society.

social & behavior skills

Teachers should train them on social & behavior skills. In fact, we should impart life skills training in schools, because socially mature persons excel better than others.

In my life span, I have observed that people with soft skills perform better than others. Seventy percent of success in life depends on the soft skills only. That’s why in professional colleges we have soft skills trainers who train in communication & interpersonal skills.

Schools are the stepping stones for building an appealing personality. Apart from imparting subject knowledge, teachers should provide opportunities for the comprehensive development of the students.

socially responsible people

All of us like to meet a lively & well-behaved person. We need socially responsible people to build a vibrant society.

VGI trains its teachers in a way that they not only impart subject knowledge but also build an environment for the overall development of its students.

We encourage introverts to take part in classroom activities. Our teachers inspire them to take up responsibility of class monitoring.

Teacher Role in encourage Students

We encourage such students to present a topic in class to remove their hesitation. Our teachers refine the overall personality of the students to make us the best B.ed Colleges in Meerut Uttar Pradesh.

We as educators should understand that the personality of an individual takes shape from school itself. A shy & introvert child will remain shy unless we offer him opportunities to socialize & mix up. Schools are the building block of his personality. Teachers should not reprimand children. Any harsh punishment is uncalled for. Teachers are the caretakers of this nursery of young saplings (children) who should educate in hard skills but also in soft skills. VGI students work towards refining every child’s personality to make us the best B.ed colleges in Meerut Uttar Pradesh.

Outstanding Leaders

We need to see & nurture orators from schools so that we have outstanding leaders. Our teachers recognize the latent potential present in every child & provide them opportunities to refine their talent. That’s the role of a teacher.

We all like to visit a doctor who interacts politely with its patients. None of us want to consult a rude medico. Both of them have the same qualifications but different behaviors.

soft skills

In order to develop an acceptable behavior, teachers should train their students on soft skills that refine their personality & help them become smart professionals.

VGI arms its teachers with the skills needed for the overall development of the students to make us the best B.ed colleges in Meerut Uttar Pradesh UP.

A teacher is the path shower, a friend, & a repository of knowledge. He is a guide who trains his pupils to become outstanding professionals.

skills training

We at VGI train our teachers in soft skills training. This training helps them to recognize introvert students & they encourage them to take part in various learning activities. By taking part these students refine their personality &make us the best B.ed colleges in UP .

The concept of initiative is not new, but we cannot deny its significance. Initiative takers are the winners in life. As the Chinese saying to cover a 1000 miles, you need to take the first step. While teaching in the class, we teachers ask many questions. Only a handful of the students raise hands to give the answer.

TEncourage Students

Does this mean the rest are stupid’s who haven’t understood. No, this is not the case. A lot of them know but lack the initiative to answer. They are the introverts who are shy & think that if their answer is incorrect, it will insult them in class. The teacher should encourage such students to answer regularly so that they shun inhibition & become outspoken. Through scientific methods, VGI trains its teachers to make us the best B.ed colleges in Meerut Uttar Pradesh UP.

Fear Prevalent

We should make introvert students conduct the assembly in schools. This will boost their confidence & improve their communication & presentation skills. This exercise will inhibit the stage of fear prevalent in most students. Students who don’t get opportunities to open up in schools remain hesitant & introverts throughout their life. The school is the ideal place where we need to improve this. We trained VGI teachers to recognize such students & take corrective action to make us the best B.ed colleges in Meerut Uttar Pradesh UP.

teams for success

Sports is another important curricular activity in schools. Games & sports stimulate students to concentrate & improve their health as well. Class teachers should encourage students to take part in sports as it develops competition & team spirit. We should work in teams for success. By taking part in games, they build up endurance & team work so crucial for success. VGI educates its teachers on the importance of teamwork that makes us the best b.ed colleges in Meerut Uttar Pradesh UP.

experiential learning

VGI Meerut fosters education through experiential learning. The students of the best B Ed College in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, UP take part in group discussions, debates & presentation that help to clarify concepts making them confident teachers.
One needs to accept that students come from different backgrounds. Some are from rural & some from sophisticated urban backgrounds. By taking part in these activities, even the introvert has time to exhibit his talent & shun his hesitation. In the college only they get enough activities to sharpen their personality making us the best Colleges for B Ed in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, UP.

case studies

We teach the students through case studies. We depict problems through cases & students find a solution to these problems & then present it before the class. This leads to conceptual understanding, making us the best college for B Ed in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, UP.
We organize field visits so that team spirit develops, leading to team work because learning by doing is learning for life. Anything learned through practice will lead to excellence in professional life and they organize role plays so that students master the concepts along with personality development, making us the best college for B Ed in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, UP.

promote experiential learning

To promote experiential learning, projects are part of the curriculum. This enables the students to showcase their understanding through projects. This activity fosters critical thinking & problem solving the most in demand skills. Moreover, such well-trained students graduate as exemplary teachers, passing us the best B Ed College of Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, UP.
One of our USP is model making. We encourage participants to prepare a model of teachings in class. Finally, this exercise helps them to revise concepts & present them through models developing critical thinking & decision taking that make us the best College for B Ed in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, UP.

futuristic infrastructure

The college has futuristic infrastructure comprising AV aid enabled classrooms that are equipped for smart boards & smart class. Moreover,the computing lab has over 100 machines that help the students to research on topics at the click of a mouse to make us the best B Ed Colleges in Uttar Pradesh.
The library with over 3000 books & e resources helps to enlighten their intellect to make us the best B Ed Colleges in Uttar Pradesh UP.
The college has created a demo room where teachers refine their teaching skills to make us the best B Ed Colleges in Uttar Pradesh UP.

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