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What should You do if water is clogged in your home?

Water is a substance that pretty much passes through anywhere. When you find it is not passing through your drain, the drain must be clogged. It is time to call a plumber or apply some DIY to clean the passage or pipe of the basin. Let’s check what you can do if water is clogged in your home!

  • Wire Hanger

Use a bent wire hanger to clean the clogged water. Straight it out as much as possible. Bend one end to create a hook. Push it through the drain. Now start fishing. You can now be able to pull out the substance causing a blockage in the drain. Now you can use some running hot water to clean the mess (if there is still any). Now the clogged water can pass through. 

2. Plunger

Moyle Plumbing & Gasfitting considers a plunger as a good option. Though not many people know how to use it. Fill the sink halfway with water. Wear a simple cloth that you would not mind washing roughly (because it is going to get dirty). You need to use water pressure to clean the clog. Place the plunger exactly over the sink hole. Now press it down slowly yet firmly. Notice if the clogged water has begun to drain slowly. When it drains away quickly, it means you have successfully cleared the clogged water of your sink. 

  1. Baking soda and Vinegar

Make a mixture of baking soda and vinegar (1/3rd cup of each item). It can fizz when combined. Now pour it immediately down the drain. The fizzing action will break down the dirt and substance. If the clog is too much in quantity, keep it that way for some hours. Now flush it with hot water. You can pour the dry baking soda down the drain first and then chase that with vinegar. Finally, clean the clogged water with hot water from the kettle. Be very careful with your hands while you pour water. 

  1. Drain Snake

If the clog is too deep, use a drain snake. A plumbing snake cleanses clogged water very well. A drain snake is often used by professionals. It is good for removing stubborn clogs. A drain snake effectively cleans clogged water due to dislodging hair and other debris. The tool is made of a flexible coil of wire. The wire snakes through the pipe and locates and dislodges the debris. 

  1. Hydro-Jet

A hydro jet is a professional tool used by Moyle Plumbing & Gasfitting. If the blockage is heavy, it requires intense cleaning. Hydro-Jet provides sharp water bursts. The water force is what clears the clogged area. This unique process is a part of other blockage fixer techniques. Here you use the force of water to clean the clogged water.


Water-clogging is a serious problem indeed. This can also be harmful to health. The water-clogged drains can be a great place for mosquito breeding which eventually affects our health very badly. If you have been facing a Water-clogging problem, you can apply any of the tips to wash out the clogged water. It is better if you start taking action when the problem starts appearing. If you find it yourself, contact any reputed plumber in coomera for help. You will get your problem solved in no time.

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