What Should You Do When A Power Outage Occurs?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the middle of your dinnertime, watching Netflix or doing some online apparel shopping on the Forever 21 website – power outages can be indeed frustrating. There can be several reasons why you may experience power outages at home – be it for heatwaves, lighting, high winds, floods, nearby trees interfering with your electricity supply lines – the list goes on. 

Power outages when experienced in extended sessions can directly impact your day-to-day schedules, which is why identifying the problem should be your criteria, with the help of a Level 2 electrician in Blacktown services. 

Plan Your Getaway

Basing on the severity of the power outage, sometimes the condition can even last a few days at a stretch. It’s only for this reason that you should be prepared beforehand so that you face no issues whatsoever. 

The first on your list of things to do would be to get an alternative source of lighting equipment. Some examples include LED torches, lanterns or even age-old candles that can do a decent job. Ensure that you keep away any flame from gas or flammable sources and you’ll be fine. 

Apart from that, you also need to have direct access to a mobile phone that is fully charged along with the list of your emergency contacts loaded beforehand. Lastly, you need to gather some snacks, food and drinking water. 

What To Do If You Have Special Requirements For Your Electricity Supply?

In case you require an uninterrupted power supply for any medical condition that you or your family members might have, then it’s recommended that you get in touch with your electricity corporation and let them know beforehand. 

If your electricity corporation cannot help you, then you need to make provisions for generators or home inverters, if necessary. 

Learn About The Source

If you can have a better understanding of your source, from which the power outage occurred, then you’ll be able to solve the problem effortlessly. One of the most common causes of such power outages is the weather. Sometimes heavy rainfall, vehicle accidents, electrical power pole installations, or underground digging can also lead to such issues.

In that case, you should make sure to check whether your neighbors have power or not. In case they don’t, then most probably it a bigger fault in the electricity source. However, if your neighbors do have power, then most likely it’s an issue with your home electricity system. 

Times like these are when you need to opt for professional Level 2 electricians, especially for fast repairs and service. We, at Sirrom Electrical, can surely help you with a range of electrical & power issues. Just contact us anytime. 

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