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What Should You Know About Hiring A Compensation Lawyer?

Accidents at the workplace are quite a common thing, but they would leave you both traumatized and injured physically and mentally. While dealing with the aftermath, most people don’t know that they are entitled to compensation. 

A compensation lawyer’s job is to represent them and argue on behalf of the injured worker seeking fair repayment. 

Companies can also hire Oregon workers compensation attorney to fight for them against an employee trying to attain the system’s advantages dishonestly.

What Are The Primary Duties Of A Compensation Lawyer?

The primary duties of compensation lawyers in Brisbane include –

  • Conducting a search 
  • Performing legal research
  • Gathering all the medical evidence and reports, and other documents,
  • Taking depositions of the claimant, physician, medical experts 
  • Drafting findings of facts, pleadings, motions, briefs, opinions, evidence, and other documents. 
  • Litigating cases before a judge 

When Should You Hire A Compensation Lawyer?

Here are the signs that indicate you to hire a compensation lawyer-

  • When you suffer a permanent disability- Be partial or total, but if it stops you from returning to work fully or permanently, then you are entitled to a heavy claim. Insurance companies are most likely to avoid it because they are expensive. This is when you need a compensation lawyer.
  • When your insurance carrier or employer denies that the accident had happened at work- This occurs when a worker is slightly injured, and it is not reported back then. Still, with time, the injury aggravated and took a bigger form, so the employer denies that the original injury had happened at work. A compensation lawyer would help fight against these people.
  • Your doctor recommends treatment, but the insurance company has denied paying- The insurance company does not give importance to the rehabilitation visits the treating doctor has recommended continuing. 
  • If the insurance company refuses to pay any money- An insurance company can give many reasons why they won’t pay any claim. If you feel your claim is legitimate, it’s time for lawyers to legally take up the things and solve them on your behalf. 
  • When the settlement does not cover all the necessary charges- The worker’s compensation is mostly for permanently disabled people, and it is based on a rating that a doctor gives after running some tests. It is most likely that a doctor would give you a lower rating than the actual one, so the lawyer can convince the doctor to provide a higher rating.
  • You have a preexisting health condition- If you have a preexisting health condition, it is most likely that the insurance company would blame your new pain. So you have to have proper evidence to prove it, which can be managed by the most experienced compensation lawyers in Brisbane. 
  • Your employer retaliates against you- If the employer is not cooperating or allowing you to recover, the compensation lawyer can argue and sue them. These include- firing, demoting, cutting hours, or pressurizing for returning to work. 


We have tried to clear all the basic queries regarding a compensation lawyer. However, you can visit  Fisher Dore Lawyers and hire their specialized and skilled lawyers for more details.

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