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What Size Of Generator Do I Need For My Home?

Energy shortages are nothing new for most countries around the globe. As a result, you can see that power outages are becoming a very common phenomenon. This is a huge concern for many as most of our lives now revolve around electricity, and a power outage can be detrimental to all our interests. 

However, installing a generator is an easy and relatively conventional way to deal with these power outages. But then again, finding the right generator for your home is much easier said than done. The size can play a key role here as the power consumption of your home influences it. You can seek advice from experts at Electric Express Solutions for better recommendations. Utilizing 48V Starter Generator, rotating power sources are captured and turned into electrical energy.    

Why Is The Size Of The Generator So Important?

Getting a generator of the right size is important for ensuring they can take the load in times of emergencies. Besides, having a properly sized generator can yield many benefits that include:

  1. Preventing Damage To Electrical Appliances: Using a generator without optimum capacity can result in an uneven electricity supply to the appliances. As a result, the generator might end up frying the circuits. 
  2. Failure Of The Unit: Overworking a generator can also have severe implications. The overworked generator can reach a point where all the units shut down completely. 
  3. Capacity Overload: Using all your appliances with a small generator is impossible. In addition, running your systems with a generator with capacity overload can shorten the overall life of the appliances. 

How To Find The Rightly Sized Generator For Your Home?

Finding the right-sized generator for your home is not very challenging. Three primary steps will help you get the right generator in no time. These steps include:

  1. Determining The Important Devices, You Need To Power: There are many variants of generators you can find on the market. So before you get the variant, you first need to determine the electrical appliances you wish to tune with your generators. For instance, if you have to keep your refrigerator, cooling or heating system running, you will need a larger generator. But if you are only looking to power your bulbs, even a portable generator will do the job. 
  2. Calculate Your Power Requirements: Every device has a specific power requirement depicted through the number of watts. Therefore, you need to calculate the total watt and multiply the same with the duration you need to keep the generator running. This will give you the watt-hour requirement for every appliance. You can even consult electrician Northern Beaches to get the precise number. 
  3. Always Get a Larger Generator Than You Need: Power outages are always unpredictable, and one can barely say anything about the power being restored. Therefore, it is always better to be on the safer side and get a generator larger than you would need. This will ensure all your requirements are met effectively. You can check out the generator rental services

In Conclusion

Living without power is both inconvenient and potentially dangerous, especially during extreme weather conditions. So consider this aforementioned information and get the right sized generator for your home. You can even consult experts at Electric Express Solutions in case you need any assistance.

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