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What To Do If Your Tap Water Appears Discoloured

Maintaining hygiene is a crucial part of good living. To maintain that, you should be privileged with normal fresh tap water. You may not drink it always, but it is needed for your daily chores. If you find discoloured or brown water running through your tap, you should immediately fix it.

We can guide you through the reason behind this discoloured water and an idea about how this issue can be fixed Marios Plumbing. For further concerns, you may contact professionals from.

Why Does Your Tap Water Get Discoloured?

The most common cause of brown water is the accumulation of minerals in the water pipe. Apart from that, sediments and even rust can build up on your water for a very long time, and this comes out with the water flow, causing discoloured water. Any construction work happening nearby can disturb the water layer, and brown water may run from the tap. Rust can easily get into the water flow during any maintenance work. You may contact your city’s utility provider to resolve this. 

Is Discoloured Water Hazardous?

The answer is no. Discoloured water is not dangerous or poisonous. Because most of the time, it’s the rust or maybe the soil which causes the change of colour. But it is not safe either. So it would be best if you did not drink it. If there is iron soil or rust, pathogens can invade there. So you should not drink it or use it in something.

What Can You Do To Solve The Issue?

There are several ways one can resolve these issues, and some of them include:  

  • In certain situations, if discoloured water is running, you must let that water run for some time, and clear water may run after that. If not, you should take professional help to clear the rusts or sediments deposited in the pipelines.
  • You have to find out the source from where it is running. The main issue is your water heater if it is from the hot water tap. Flushing may be required to eliminate all the rusts deposited. It may be needed to clean and then refilled with proper care as per the instruction manual. The Hot Water System Maroochydore can be a help in this case.
  • You can install water softeners to avoid this issue of discoloured water. These softeners will also need proper cleaning so that anything does not accumulate.
  • Otherwise, you should ask your neighbours whether they have the same user or not. If yes, the fault lies somewhere you won’t be able to fix yourself. You have to contact the utility provider of the city. If not, then you need professional guidance.

Wrapping up

Discolouration of water is one of the issues that we face often. This is not anything major, but you should not just let it happen. You should do the needful to solve the problem if it occurs. Marios Plumbing is there for you with its expertise to solve this problem.

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