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What to Do in Evening Desert Safari in Dubai? (2020)

Evening Desert Safari in Dubai

Evening Desert Safari in Dubai

What to do in Evening desert safari Dubai? When planning your desert safari, one of the first things to plan is the timing of your trip. This can make or break your entire experience. The best way to start and end your trip is to choose a time that provides a relaxing atmosphere for you to enjoy the luxury of a well-deserved holiday in the desert.

There are many ways to plan your desert safari in Dubai.

Time of Day – sunset and dawn are the best times to visit the Red Sea coast. The Red Dunes is an excellent place to spend the night and appreciate the incredible sunset views from the top of the sand dunes. Other than sunset and dawn, there are other important times to visit the Red Dunes such as during the summer. The Camel riding and other nightlife activities like drinking in Bedouin camps and nightclubbing are ideal for visiting the Red Dunes at night.

Activities to Do

Activities to Do during Evening Desert Safari in Dubai Camel riding is one of the most popular activities in the Red Sea area of Dubai. There are many car rentals companies that will offer you a ride on one of the beautiful rickety camel carts.

You can take the high vehicles to the different points on the sand dunes. Most of the hotels and restaurants in the area will also have a car service to drop off guests at various destinations. You can also enjoy the camaraderie of the Bedouin people who live in villages all over the Red Sea coast. Spend some time with them and learn about their traditional customs and learn about the Bedouin language.

If you are planning an Arabian city tour, you should consider taking a ride on a camel in the desert safari in Dubai. A city tour of the region’s largest city is an unforgettable experience. It starts with a free taxi ride from the airport. During your city tour, head straight to the souk (the main marketplace) and experience the endless market of vendor markets. The vendors sell everything from spices to knickknacks to souvenirs to local artwork.

Dubai Night Life

Nightlife is very vibrant in Dubai with things to do ranging from traditional dining and dancing to all kinds of nightclubs, from country clubs to contemporary dance clubs. During your safari drive in the desert, you will encounter everything from desert safaris, sandboarding, dune bashing, camel riding, and desert safari Jeep tours.

Dune bashing

Dune bashing is an extreme sport in Dubai where vehicle driven inflatable dune bikers’ race across the surface of the sand dunes. Spectators can get pleasure from the fast-paced action or enjoy watching from the comfort of their cars.

Camel riding

Camel riding on the silvery sands of the Al Hajar Mountains and on the rocky seaside cliffs of Jumeriah are some of the other things to do during your Al Hajar Desert safari in Dubai. Silvery sands, the smooth seas, and the inviting sea breezes all make Al Hajar Desert the ideal location for an exotic desert safari in Dubai.

You can ride on the smooth camel ride on the sand. You can also take part in the Arabic tea ceremony and watch the silvery sands from the comfort of your luxurious camel. For more adventure activities, you can try the water-skiing, mountain biking, or surfing during your in Dubai. The best thing about an Al Hajar Desert safari is that you can also go swimming!

You can spend a few days touring the dunes during your Al Hajar Desert safari in Dubai and spend a couple nights at some of the guesthouses around the dunes. During your days, you can spend time shopping at the souks.

You will find everything you are looking for, from traditional handicrafts, pearl jewellery, to modern electronic gadgets. At night, there are desert safaris, such as desert buggy racing, snake charmers, and the traditional dune bash. A standard evening desert safari in Dubai includes a dinner followed by desert fun and dancing to the music of djembe musicians.

If you are more into adventure, then you can try the adventurous tours which will take you deep into the dunes. One of these tours involves deep-sea diving and kayaking through the Al Hajar Mountains.

Another adventurous tour takes you along the white sand beaches of Dune Deira. Other tours include deep-sea camping, archery, camping in the desert, riding on camels, Jeep safaris, and horse safaris. When you join an Al Hajar desert safari tour, you will be able to take your pick from short tours to a longer one that covers all the activities mentioned above.


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