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What to Do in Redundancy Period? Tips for Employees

What to Do in Redundancy Period?

Redundancy is a period of time in which the employee is no longer suited for this job or there is no place left in that organization to accommodate that specific employee or some other fellow members. Redundancy can be ranked as one of the toughest, stressful experiences of life where suddenly a person loses his hope or loses his source of income by which he was able to support himself and fulfill the needs of his family.

However, while you are leaving that it is important that you protect your dignity as well as your interests and here are some tips which will help you both practically and emotionally if you are currently facing redundancy period in your professional career.

Don’t Panic

It is very common for the recent redundant employees to lose faith on themselves as well as on their professional career. Some of them nearly become like rabbit caught in headlights they start doing flurry activities they don’t realize that what they want or need what is necessary for them that would meet their requirements by not affecting their abilities or their dignity. In this period of time instead of panicking we rather have to be calm and make a list of things which are currently necessary for your living , by making the list we should prioritize them in order which will mostly include the financial arrangements, outplacement support and several contact numbers to arrange some network meetings.

Know Your Rights

While being replaced from your current job it is important not to lose our senses so that we can have complete track record of the organization that whether they have fulfilled all the legal requirements and have paid you your updated dues. You may also contact Employment Lawyers Manchester in which you can hire a lawyer to deal with all the legal processes during your dismissal from the company, if the company has not followed the legal procedure or you have some dealt issues with the authorities you can always contact the legalities to deal with your case.

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The most important step is to negotiate with your employer and you should have no fear in asking since you have nothing to lose. While dismissing you they must definitely have some facilities for you in return which may include keeping the company car, support for re-training or some handsome amount of money. You should always negotiate with your employer so he may be able to compensate you in any way for your loss.


While in the process of your dismissal there is no need to get personal with your employer because you were relieved on such short notice, if you want to confront your employer it should only be bases on proper legalities instead of personal grudges. While talking to the high authorities never talk about specific individuals only explain your difficulty to live in this crucial time because of the struggling economic conditions.

Build Bridges, Don’t burn them!

You should always remain on good terms with your previous employer because you will always have the need of a good reference for your next job so in order to build relations in the professional world it’s important to maintain your status as a devoted and supportive co worker.

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