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What to do When Locked Out

Imagine this, the weather report says a storm is brewing, and you are on your doorstep fantasizing about drinking coffee and curling under the covers to read a book or watch a movie. But, in your haste this morning, you switched your handbag and left the house key in your other bag. The one that didn’t match your cute outfit today.

The rain has started, and no one can let you in the apartment. Will your eyes water as the clouds deliver relentless rain?

Brisbane is blessed with so much sunshine, yet on all days when you need refuge, you are stranded outside the door. However, instead of calling housemates requesting rescue, call a trusted Brisbane locksmith.

You will be relieved to know the busy city of Brisbane offers 24hrs emergency locksmith service.

Despite your careful ways, you might find yourself needing emergency rescue from locked doors or cars. To protect yourself, simply download their app on your phone and contact them when you require their expertise.

Personal Safety Tips in Brisbane

Brisbane is a secure and dynamic place. It’s really a great city to visit and live in because of its open and down-to-earth demeanor and beautiful subtropical climate. It has become a melting pot of many ethically diverse citizens.

Theft occurs in big cities just like any other. However, the Brisbane City Council values the well-being of its citizens and visitors alike. But still, tourists and Aussies should always take note of their safety, and they must do so at all times.

How to feel secure at home

  • Be aware

Be alert at all times, including your surroundings, traffic, and people. While walking through a busy area or crossing a road, consider taking your headphones off or putting your phone away.

  • Be steadfast

Be dedicated to protecting yourself. It is your duty and top priority to ensure your own safety at all times.

  • Plan ahead

You can make yourself more secure by planning and putting together a strategy.

  • Do what feels right to you

Pay attention to, believe in, and follow your gut. If something makes you feel unsafe, take action to keep yourself safe.

  • Trust yourself

Be sure to walk and move about with self-assurance and a sense of purpose.

  • It’s time to report it

Report any incident to the authorities immediately. To contact the police, fire, ambulance or any emergency services, dial a non-emergency number such as  “311”(000) emergency”. Brisbane has a responsive police force.

   Remember :

When there’s a crime taking place

When a person’s life is in danger

When there is fire and situations where time is critical. Have emergency contact numbers on your phone.

The city of Brisbane is one of the safest in Australia. In addition, Brisbane has a much lower crime rate than Sydney and Melbourne.

A rising crime rate is a real possibility in a city expanding in both population and economic prosperity.

Several studies conducted between 2015 and 2019 found that some Brisbane suburbs have a higher than average crime rate (particularly break-ins). Therefore, it is best to exercise safety measures and only seek assistance from a reliable Brisbane locksmith in case of lockouts or break-ins.

Be proactive and conduct an audit of your property to ensure your daily safety.

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