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What to Do When One of Your Employees Tests Positive for COVID-19

It’s easy for you to start panicking if one of your employees tests positive for Covid-19.

You’ve heard the eco-enthusiasts’ rallying cry around the globe and you want to help make your company more eco-friendly. But where are you beginning? While it doesn’t just happen overnight to become a sustainable organization, this article will guide you through three things you can do to make your company take green initiatives more seriously.

Donate money

Putting money towards green causes demonstrates that you’re serious. If workers are aware of how the organization has distributed green resources, they will consider these programs as a more important part of the mission of the company. In addition, donating doesn’t have to be difficult. You can simply buy from eco-friendly brands.

You can also be able to persuade workers to participate in more eco-friendly activities in their own homes by highlighting the company’s support for green causes through its donations and purchases.

Use More Efficient Energy Appliances

Initially, switching out your appliances may seem like a big project, but it can save a lot of energy. By replacing microwaves, printers, and even items like ceiling fans, you can start. While certain appliances may initially cost more the amount they save you each month will eventually add up in a meaningful way.

Installing LED light bulbs could simply be one way to switch to more energy-efficient appliances. Driven bulbs reverse the energy ratio of the standard bulb by devoting 80% of the energy to light and 20% to heat. LED light bulbs last 10 times longer than conventional light bulbs, as a result.

Encourage environmentally sustainable transport

It may be more or less difficult to encourage workers to use eco-friendly transportation methods, depending on the location of your company. But you will find ways to promote more responsible travel, whether your business is located in the heart of a big city or in a small town.

Consider giving workers optional reimbursed bus passes if you have a larger business. The use of the bus will significantly help your workers minimize their total carbon footprint. You may have benefited from carpooling or biking to work if you have a smaller business.

You can have a desire to make your company more eco-friendly, but determining which changes to actually make may be daunting at first. If you begin by switching your light bulbs out or buying recycled paper, it can start small to show support for green causes. Eventually, you’ll be able to help your company contribute to a more sustainable world as you build on the progress you create.


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