What to Do With the Cardboard Boxes Post Relocation

To get closer to the post relocation goal, it is important to arrange everything at their places and finish the work of unpacking as soon as possible. If you are moving to or from Pune then you will definitely get to read some amazing to use the cardboard boxes.

One should never underestimate the task of unpacking after a move. It is very difficult to live between the piles of unopened boxes. It is very important to roll up your sleeves and get down to work as soon as you get shifted to your new place.

When you have unpacked and arranged everything at their places then the only question that arises is what to do with the packing material like cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper and the like. You notice this when packers and movers Pune are gone after completing their job.

The most space taking packing material is the cardboard boxes that keep piling up and creates a mess.

According to the survey around 60 cardboard containers are required to pack the belongings during a residential move. Also, it depends upon the size of your house and the possessions you have.

• Keep the boxes with you

You have an option of keeping the boxes with you for future as you never know when you will have to use them again. Open all the cardboard boxes, flatten them and keep them at a dry place so that they are completely dry before you keep them to be used again. But keep only those boxes that are in good condition and don’t have any signs of damage.

On the other hand, you can also use these boxes to store some of your possessions or the items that you don’t need to right away the relocation. Don’t forget to label those storage boxes. Make sure the storage boxes are kept in a dry area and where there is proper ventilation otherwise humidity will damage them.

Cardboard boxes are versatile in nature. They can be used for various purposes like kids can use it to show their creativity by making a playhouse out of them or anything like that.

• Selling options can also be considered

There are chances that you won’t need to keep all these boxes as they require a lot of space and such a big storage space is not there in every house. So, one of the ways to get rid of them is to sell them to people who need them and make some money in the meantime.

This way, you will get back some of the money that you must have spent on these boxes at the time of packing. It is quite sensible to sell these boxes against money.

But you will have to give considerable amount of time and put your efforts to sell them at the right price and to the right people.

You can also sell it to someone who might be moving in a few days thatare known to you. That might be your neighbor or just a known.

• Give the boxes away

Selling these used boxes will cost you time and effort and it is very difficult to do that right after the move when you are tired as hell. Moreover, it will also not be worth to get those few bucks back.

The best way to get rid of these boxes is to give them to someone who needs them as it would be wastage of resources of if throw them like this.

1. Ask your friends

You can ask your friends if anyone is going to move soon or wants some cardboard boxes for storage purposes. Then give these boxes to your friends.

2. Ask your colleagues

You can ask your colleagues if they have a plan to move or they want cardboard containers to store their belongings.

3. Charity

Charitable organizations are often looking for cardboard containers that are in good condition. Like most of the charitable trusts they have their storage needs as well. So, if you are still wondering what to do with your used moving boxes after the move, you may wish to contact the charities in your new town or city and ask them if they are willing to pick up your leftover cardboard containers.

• Recycle your leftover moving containers

It is not necessary that all of your moving boxes will be in a good state to be donated or sold. Some of them might be in a condition that the only thing that can be done to them is recycling.

Cardboard can be recycled and that is the reason there are number of options for recycling moving boxes.

1. If you hire any moving company then check with them if they provide any extra service of taking the cardboard boxes them and using them again after recycling. Then you don’t have to worry about anything, they will take the boxes with them to recycle and then reuse.

2. Recycling bins -just leave the cardboard boxes you don’t need in a recycling bin. It is the fast and the most effortless way to dispose of your cardboard boxes after moving. The waste disposal services in your area will pick the unwanted cardboard and take it to a recycling center for proper recycling.

3. Recycling centers. If you really want, you can take all the cardboard containers you won’t ever need straight to a local recycling center for proper cardboard disposal. It is a good option when you do have plenty of cardboard to get rid of, and none of the options are working for you the right way. Don’t forget that taking your excess moving boxes to a recycling center will cost you time and gas money, so you should definitely keep this solution as your last resort. If possible, get in touch with that recycling place before relocation so that you don’t have to waste much time in doing all this.

These are the most suitable ways to get rid of so many cardboard boxes. There are always a bunch of boxes we see when packers and movers in Pune unpack your possessions.

Have a happy and safe move!

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