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What to Expect After Wearing a Waist Trainer For A Week

Waist Training Results

Wearing a waist trainer for reshaping your waist and shrinking your not-so-flat tummy is more than just being a part of the craze and bandwagon. The historical roots of waist trainers or corsets go back to the 16th century or the Victorian Era.

Kardashians gave a sneak peek into this fitness regimen. However, the bigger picture is unknown. So, we are here to familiarize you with the following –

  • Wearing a waist trainer for a week results
  • Results of wearing a waist trainer all-day
  • Results of wearing a waist trainer every day

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Top 5 effects you can expect after wearing a waist trainer all day and every day for a week-

1.    Your waist will look taut and tiny –

In case you want to have an instant change of shape of your waist, then put a waist trainer. Though it will keep reminding you of your insecurity about your present body shape, it will help you combat that simultaneously.

2.    Visible weight loss will not sustain in the long run –

Wearing a waist trainer and losing weight don’t go hand in hand. It is neither rocket science nor some dubious magic trick. The reality is that the body temperature increases when you wear it which leads to profuse sweating, thereby, evidence of temporary weight loss can be seen.

3.    Changes in the position of upper and lower organs –

This effect can be fatal in all possible ways. For example – you will experience dangerous acid reflux symptoms in case your stomach’s position gets beyond your diaphragm.

4.    The muscles in your abdomen might be weakened –

Wearing a waist trainer all day can potentially lead to damage in the abdomen. Why? It has come to the observation that you won’t be using your abdominal muscles at all while prolonged use of the corset.

5.    Negative impact on breathing and skin –

It is no secret that waist trainers aren’t elastic. They tighten your waist. They cause cramps. Sometimes, along with affecting your skin dangerously, it can also cause breathing problems especially if you wear the corset while doing rigorous waist training.

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Why do experts in the medical field not recommend wearing waist trainers for a week straight?

The doctors and others with medical experience believe that the number of risks outnumbers the possible benefits.

Right from causing dehydration to negatively affecting the bodies of growing and young girls, the list goes on. It is advised that in your initial phase of waist training, try to wear it for a short period as you can become obsessed with looking slim and fit.

Also, most benefits aren’t permanent. To make them perpetual, try to incorporate a healthy lifestyle along with wearing corsets.

What changes can be seen in body shape and body posture after wearing a waist trainer for a week?

You might not shed a significant amount of fat from your waist in the first week. The maximum that you can lose from your waistline is at least two inches. So, we advise you to stay consistent and be patient for long term results.

You won’t ace the look of a person with an hourglass figure in the first few days. The first two-three days will be rough, create discomfort, and be suffocating. However, all you can do is make it a habit gradually.

One mighty change in body posture that will occur after wearing a waist trainer all day for a week is that your back wouldn’t bend when you sit. The back posture while sitting would be completely straight.

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How does eating habits change while wearing a waist trainer for a week?

Waist trainers are a type of garment that cinches up torsos. So, naturally, you can’t eat in a large quantity while you are moving towards wearing a waist trainer. The waistline that is cinched will be uncomfortable. Therefore, we say you eat in small quantities frequently throughout your day instead of big meals at fixed three times.

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Waist training guide for seven days –

  1. Overtraining isn’t a solution to reshaping your waist. So, stick to two-three hours of wearing the corset on your first day of the regime.

2. You might experience a severe pinch, a painful constriction on your second day. This is your body protesting against the routine that you are trying to build. So, stick to four hours of wearing a latex workout waist trainer and try to practice pilates or any form of stretching.

3. It is important to wear the waist trainer only when you are comfortable in it. Don’t force yourself to sleep while wearing the corset. Then again, it would be helpful if you could wear the trainer for at least 6-8 hours on your third day followed by a little cardio.

4. By your fourth day, you will notice a turnaround in your eating schedule which is a positive change. Small frequent meals are good for the body. Now you can wear the waist trainer for a substantial eight hours.

5. As you enter your fifth day, you will be able to manage and balance three aspects of weight loss. Those aspects are – you can wear a waist trainer for at least nine hours, you will begin to extend the cardio period to 20 minutes, and ultimately you will be eating at the correct times in the correct quantity.

6. Are you concerned about the optimum result of wearing a waist trainer for a week? If yes, then the sixth day is the day made in heaven for you. By this day, you can wear the waist trainer for 10 hours till the end of eight weeks minimum. This is the goal to be achieved by the sixth day.

7. Once you complete these seven days, you will notice how your body has benefitted massively. From eating less to undergoing physical exercise to get back in a good shape, all the effects of waist training will be evident by the end of the first week.

In conclusion, we would like to say that waist training can be a long jump towards getting an hourglass figure. So, try to go through this ‘what to expect after wearing a waist trainer for a week’ guide and understand the possible outcomes. Be prepared for the effects that you will encounter once you step into this journey.

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