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What to Expect from a Digital Marketing Company in India

Digital Marketing Company in India

If you have never worked with a marketing company in the past, you may not know what to expect. Most professionals and business owners aren’t very familiar with the wide range of marketing techniques or strategies used today. They rely on a marketing agency to provide support, advice, and well-planned campaigns. Here’s a look at what you can expect from a digital marketing company in India:

1. Full Audit

A full audit is usually a marketing company’s first step. They will study your current assets like website, social media profiles, directory listings, SEO, active ad campaigns, etc, carefully. Marketers will determine whether your current set-up lives up to industry standards. They will identify flaws and areas that need improvement.

A full audit provides a lot of information about your current marketing activities, which can help a digital marketing company in India to develop a customized approach. If you don’t have any online asset, the marketing company will skip right to the next step.

2. Consultation and Goal Setting

Clients and marketers must set down for an in-depth consultation before marketers start working on a campaign. This process helps professionals understand your priorities, goals, plans, and long-term growth. A marketer will suggest ideas and provide straightforward advice on different aspects of your campaign. They will also explain what kind of strategies they will use in detail if needed. That will help you make an informed decision.

3. Budgeting

Every business is concerned with the budget. You don’t want to overspend on marketing. Unfortunately, it is easy to overspend and inexperienced marketers will drain your resources. Choose a digital marketing company in India with experience and a strong belief in customer satisfaction. They will provide lean, streamlined campaigns that don’t consume a lot of resources but still deliver good ROI.

Businesses can discuss their budget, look at different plans, request a quote, and find where
they can cut corners. Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective.

4. Research

Research is the most important aspect of modern marketing. Professionals look at small and big data sources to find information about the client’s industry. Comprehensive research helps marketing companies build better campaigns and get more ROI. A digital marketing company in India will look at factors like:

 Target Demographic – A marketer will develop a detailed customer profile based on the company’s target demographic. Most clients want to reach out to a specific age, gender, and location group. For example, a baby and child clothing retailer may want to target primarily women in between 25-45 years in age. An experienced marketer will conduct thorough research to understand this demographic.

 Local Competitors – Every company has a few local and national competitors. You can learn a lot by studying these brands and understanding their marketing tactics. A good digital marketing company in India will conduct thorough competitor research like conducting an SEO audit of their site, looking at their marketing campaigns, studying their social media presence, etc.

 Industry Standards – Different industries have different standards and expectations when it comes to marketing. An experienced professional will look into these guidelines carefully before developing a campaign.

 Trends – Industry trends also play an important role in marketing. Trends don’t last long, but they can bring in a lot of traffic. A savvy marketer will know how to capitalize on an interesting trend through well-planned campaigns and social media posts.

 Keywords – Data on popular keywords can help with many aspects of a marketing campaign. It can be used in campaigns like PPC, SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, and more. A good digital marketing company in India will use a wide range of tools to find the best keywords for your campaign. They will look for relevant, intent- based keywords that bring converting traffic.

These are just some of the many research points professionals will look into before they start working on creating an actual campaign. They will combine data collected from your various assets, industry information, research, and personal requirements to create something effective.

5. Testing

Once the campaign is ready, it will go through a thorough A/B or multivariate testing process. Testing is an important aspect of marketing because you want to make sure the ads or organic campaigns generate positive results. Marketers conduct several tests to fully understand how effective their strategies are before making them live.

The implementation process can be quick or take a long time based on the type of campaign.
For example, PPC ads can go and start generating traffic in a day while SEO can take up to three
months to complete.

6. Monitoring and Analytics

The final step is monitoring and analytics. A digital marketing company in India will keep an eye on all active campaigns to see how they are performing. This is a very fluid landscape and campaigns that delivered good results a year ago will not do so now. Analytics allows marketers to keep track of ROI and make changes wherever necessary.

This is what you can expect from a digital marketing company in India. Discuss your goals and
priorities with your dedicated marketer in detail to get the best results.

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