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What to Include on a Business Card: A Quick Guide

Did you know that even though 88% of people throw out business cards within a week, a lot of people transfer the information on the business card to a digital list? Also, the 12% who keep business cards are still a big enough segment of the populace for business cards to matter.

If you haven’t designed a business card in a while, you will want to know what to include on a business card, since modern business cards are quite evolved. Keep reading to find out more.

Logo and Tagline

When you create a business card, you will want to place your logo and tagline at the forefront. This is because your business card is an extension of your brand, and it will be how people identify you.

Name and Title

Your name and job title should be on the business card, but you can try and make your title funny or quirky if you are in a business that allows creativity. This will catch your customer’s or potential leads’ attention and perhaps even entice them to get in touch with you.

Social Media Links

Choose 1-3 social media links (not more) and share them on your business card. You will have to decide if you want your business card to be in black and white or color before going to a business card printing service like New Era Print Solutions.

Website But Not the Home Page

You don’t want your customer to go to the home page of your website, but to a particular sales or service page that could explain truly what your business is all about. You could even send them to a welcome page with a short introductory video that is customized to their specific needs.

Contact Information

If you make a business card without your contact details on it, then that’s akin to creating a car without wheels. Completely useless! That’s why make sure you triple-check your business card before printing to ensure there are no typos, particularly with your contact information.

Skills and Specialties

Do you have some specific skills or talents that you wish to highlight on your business card? Do so, but in a discreet fashion, so that you can still keep the overall integrity of the business card. For example, you could put novelist or technical writer or blogger, depending on what suits you best.

What to Include on a Business Card: It Depends

Of course, not every person is going to include every single item above on their business cards. Some are going for a more minimalist look and will have only a couple of items on there. Others are going for a more funky and creative look, so they might have their photo or a bigger logo on there.

What to include on a business card varies from person to person. Don’t think you have to follow a certain mold here.

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