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What is the O-Shot?

WHAT TO KNOW ABOUT THE O-SHOTIf you had the chance to do so, would you consider seeking medical treatment to increase your ability to gasp and how you feel about your gas?

There is a solution for many women suffering from sexual dysfunction, and even those who do not have sexual dysfunction. But is there any real solution that can do the same to you… with your blood to treat yourself?

In the end, the answer isn’t clear.

In the last few years, the use of a medical procedure that claims to do precisely that has seen a rise in its popularity. Dr. Ali provides the best Priapus shot in the USA. It is advertised under the name of orgasm shots or O-Shot treatment; it involves injecting the labia, clitoris, and G-spot with platelets, a component of your blood that is a source of growth factors (or healing proteins) taken from your blood.

There’s currently no research on the O-Shot, and there’s no evidence scientifically proven that it will enhance your sexual experience.

What is the O-Shot?

For more information about this image, Healthline interviewed Dr. Carolyn DeLucia of VSPOT Women’s Intimate Health Spa in New York City.

The clinic she works with offers the O-Shot and other treatments, which it claims improve the quality of sexual experiences for women.

According to DeLucia, O-Shot is a plasma-rich platelet (PRP) procedure for vaginal health.

“Platelet-rich plasma is the portion of our blood that contains all the growth factors that help us heal ourselves,” says DeLucia. “When we were young kids and we scrape our knees, yellow fluid was released A scab developed after which the scab fell off and there was beautiful, new skin that was pink and grew into. This yellow fluid is platelet-rich plasma.”

“We can isolate and concentrate and use that portion of blood wherever we need it to aid in healing,” she says. “PRP is used in the O-Shot to create new blood vessels and new nerves.”

About PRP

PRP treatments have primarily been employed to treat injuries suffered by athletes.

PRP is widely used to treat injuries from sports aid in recovering from surgeries and treat medical conditions such as hair loss.

It involves the process of drawing the blood of a person, separating the platelet-rich plasma of the blood, and then reinjecting the plasma that is rich in platelets to an area of the body that requires healing.

Although researchers don’t completely understand how this operates, it is believed that the platelets might possess some healing or restorative qualities when they are injected into the injured area of the body. They release up to 35 healing substance trusted Source or growth factors.

A lot of doctors utilize PRP to treat injuries to muscles as well as broken bones. They say it significantly speeds the healing process.


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What is it, and how is it effective?

Sexual function

DeLucia and other O-Shot providers generally market “mind-blowing orgasms” as the primary benefits from their treatments.

“The O-Shot was creat by Dr. Charles Runels in Fairhope, Alabama,” DeLucia sent in an email to Healthline through an email. “[Hisinitial studies revealed that there was an important increase in female sexual functioning index. It is a questionnaire that is distributed to patients, and they can answer it both before and after the procedure. In addition to the clinical trial, there are numerous instances of the procedure as being extremely successful.”

Runels, DeLucia, and other health professionals who offer the O-Shot say it improves vaginal sensation and sexual function, and many more.

The benefits are believed to include:

  • more sexual desire to be sexual
  • Increased stimulation
  • Increased the efficiency of lubrication
  • an expanded orgasm in the sex or masturbation
  • Incontinence and various other ailments
  • Specific experts believe it could be:
  • help with urinary incontinence
  • treat lichen sclerosis
  • treat lichen planus
  • to treat pain and discomfort due to childbirth and mesh and also interstitial cystitis

Certain women say the treatment has helped improve their experience with orgasms and can even help treat incontinence. However, no scientifically substantiated proof proves that the O-Shot performs as claimed or in a consistent manner.

The only information available on O-Shot’s findings is a brief 2014 pilot study, which appears in a publication that’s not peer-reviewed. Runels surveyed just 11 women, and an estimated 71 percent of them went between “distressed” to “not distressed.”

Runels says that PRP boosts the production of collagen, stem cells, and blood vessels which can lead to improved sexual sex and orgasms in the women he examined.

A handful of studies examine whether vaginal PRP might help reduce inflammation caused by transvaginal mesh. However, there is no consensus on the outcomes.

The studies examined biopsied tissue and rabbits.

There are also many low-quality studies, such as one which Runels assist in executing, which was about vaginal PRP as a therapy for lichen sclerosis with no clear outcomes.

Also, there’s no evidence-based research about PRP being used to treat sexual dysfunction or urinary incontinence in women.

Therefore, there’s no information about how effective this kind of treatment is, and neither has it been deemed safe through authorities like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

More research is required.

The PRP test has been conducted for wounds that are chronic and non-healing and for injuries from sports, and the Evidence-base source that proves it can provide any benefits has not been anything other than stellar.

In his research, Runels claims 7 of the 11 women included in the study experienced some form of improvement in their sexual lives following treatment. Dr. Ali provides the best acoustic wave therapy in the USA. However, due to the limited and unreliable nature of the study, the results are ambiguous at most.


New York Times medical columnist Dr. Jen Gunther has criticized the O-Shot as an option that “sounds good on paper. Nature’s healing! However, there’s not much evidence to suggest that it does anything.”

How can you prepare yourself in advance for your procedure?

If you decide to go ahead, you can arrange an O-Shot appointment with any physician who provides it.

The doctor you call for an O-Shot will begin by asking you about your health. Therefore, you should keep your sexual health and general information available.

Are there any O Shot-relate complications?

Most patients experience minor or no side effects following getting the shot. There is a possibility of slight redness, swelling, and some numbness in an initial couple of days or up to a week.

Do I require two O-Shots?

Patients can have just one orgasm shot or return for more to build on the previous results. A minimum of 8 weeks is suggested between treatments to ensure that the full effects of your initial treatment are felt. But, you should consult with a doctor regarding the duration that is most effective for you.

What kind of results can I anticipate?

The outcomes can differ based on the patient’s initial condition. For instance, age, medical condition, and hormonal imbalances can influence the results. It isn’t a “magic stick” – 50 percent of women might feel instantaneous “wow effects” while most women will experience an immediate improvement.

The patients have experienced a variety of positive results from the shots, including:

Arousing sensation

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