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What to Look For in HR Software Programs

What to Look For in HR Software Programs

Today, there are more than 32.5 million small businesses in the U.S. The market is competitive, and you’ll want the best employees to provide your customers with high-quality products and services.

To manage your employees, you’ll need strong HR software programs. But how can you choose the right one, and what should you look for?

While this might seem overwhelming to choose, it doesn’t have to be. Read this guide on picking the right software program for your needs today!

Self-Service Employee Portals

Many enjoy self-service portals, from tech consulting for small businesses to HR software. It increases the ease of use, and there’s no waiting around. Employees can log into their portal and state when they’re taking a sick day, need to request vacation time, etc.

A new HR software could impact:

  • Payroll
  • IT teams
  • Finance
  • Current providers
  • Employees

Performance Management

The best software should ensure that goals are being met. Performance management modules can help HR staffers correct and identify personnel problems. This is vital if you perform regular performance reviews.

Core HR

Hr company software will allow you to go paperless. You could also consider a payroll module.

Pay attention to the third-party payroll options as well. If you have freelancers, you’ll want to ensure that it can handle those.


See if the software services include the onboarding process. See if the software will integrate with non-HR solutions and if there are any exceptions for this.

HR professionals need to coordinate various processes that the software can take over. You’ll need to coordinate these steps within the software.

These processes could include ordering uniforms, a security badge, scheduling orientation, etc. It might need to be within a certain period.

The best software will integrate with a new employee’s time clock, IT, and other systems. It’s also vital that employees can receive training on various processes and systems for other career paths.

Consider having surveys for employees who are leaving. Whether they’ve done an exit interview or not, they’ll be able to fill it out.

Consider the Right Tool

Consider your team’s needs, whether you need recruitment, functionality, management, or an employee-focused system. Management tools will help you track KPIs instead of having them on spreadsheets.

Functionality might be desktop only, app access, or web and mobile options. Geotag clocking for an employee-focused tool could help. Geo Tags might help with current login systems.

You’ll need to consider your budget as well. You’ll want something that’ll bring you a return on your investment.

Calculate a true cost. You could use annual calculations for this.

What’s Important To Have In HR Software Programs

After exploring this guide, you should better understand what to look for in HR software programs. Identify what’s most important to your business and how your team can benefit.

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