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What To Look For When Buying A Laptop – A Laptop kaufen Guide

Regarding going to buy a laptop, an important question that may arise in your mind is what to consider before buying a computer. In this laptop kaufen guide, we will try to help you focus on some nice tricks in buying a laptop.

In comparison to previous times, laptops have become more affordable for users. Nowadays, we can get mid-level laptops for half the price of a high-end smartphone. Depending on different levels of budget, laptops are now available in a wide variety of sizes. Moreover, due to possessing exclusive features, now every laptop is unique. These factors are primarily responsible for creating difficulty for people to find the best laptop for you. Henceforth, it would help if you need a laptop kaufen to get things done efficiently.

In this article, we shall get a complete guide for buying a laptop and how to choose the right laptop that can meet your needs well and that reveals the solution to the question – what to consider before purchasing a Laptop?

We can provide you a few potential tricks on specifications for buying a laptop computer from reliable brands. So, make sure you are following our tricks and have a suitable laptop for your goal. In this guide, we have left no stone unturned to provide you a complete laptop buying guide.

The Best Laptop Buying Guide for You

  1. Know your Purpose

You have to spend more time with your laptop means you use your laptop for a long time, at least when compared to a smartphone. So, before making a decision, you must be clear about the primary purpose. For example, for simple tasks like creating documents or browsing the web, you won’t need a MacBook Pro. Similarly, if you have to edit video or need more system resources, a Pentium Dual Core PC won’t be enough for you.

Before sticking onto the laptop brand and laptop, the desired goals need to be reassured. It’s dependent on the purpose that you will be buying the product. To avoid the complexities, we can stand as an example. If you are a student of History, about to join the college. You will require a laptop that provides better speed, ideal performance, and an extreme-portable design in this context. In this regard, we would have recommended the MacBook Air, which is much good-looking and portable, and user-friendly. On the contrary, when you are a graphic design student, you will need a machine with top-ranked graphics and processing speeds. Depending on your purpose, the development of your PC will go.

Hence, it is repeated, before making the decision, you will have to fix your purpose first, and then it will be easier for you to get the answer to the question – What kind of laptop Should I purchase? Afterward, you will know which brand will be suitable for you.

2. Your Budget, their Budget

You are previously informed that based on your budget, laptops are available in different sizes. So you can have a laptop computer for from $500to $1000 according to your choices. Yet you will have to keep in mind that the performance also differs from the prices you have purchased. This is why when you go to the online store, you should have a clear idea about the estimated budget. Thus, when you are in the store, this will make things more rapidly.

Persistence and adaptability are essential things related to the budget. Sticking to the targeted budget is the prerequisite – retaining in mind your needs as well. For example, for a mid-level laptop, you won’t need to cost more than $600. Otherwise, if you want a top-notch graphics and high-end laptop, you will have to spend around $1000 or more than that. Simultaneously, you have the option to adapt to easily reachable deals. For instance, if you have the opportunity to have a more powerful laptop within the minimum price. In that situation, you may need to increase your budget, considering it as a long-term investment.

Above all, you should always keep in mind that budget plays a significant role. Of course, you must stick with it, but still, you may need to make specific changes when it profits you.

3. The Brand Matters

Sometimes, you may get confused about a brand. No worries, let’s move forward to get a clear concept about it. The brand always matters a lot in purchasing a new laptop or an old one. We are not in favor of brand addiction or the showing-off culture. Yet, there are some things a laptop brand can delineate you.

For example, we can take the case of Apple. The extreme portability, user-friendliness, more accessible UI, and other special features are the scale of measuring a brand. Because of this, professionals who wander a lot tend to buy laptops from Apple Inc. At the same time, if you are searching for an affordable set of notebooks that can give a standard performance, ASUS may be a better choice. There are many best Asus laptops available if you think you can bear the budget. Similarly, you can find different laptop brands that are suitable for you and can satisfy your goals. In addition, in case you are searching for a brand that suits your needs, you can check out our other articles for reference.

So, before making the purchase, you should make your brand choice yourself. Purchasing laptops from a brand suggests that you are making the purchase and the service as well. Support is considered to be the next for any sale. If your bought brand does not provide customer care and support, you will face difficulty. We can assure you that Dell is a reliable brand that can satisfy all the basic needs you want from previous experience.

4. Screen Size, the Weight and Portability

Though the portability factor is previously mentioned the screen size also matters a lot. Therefore, screen Size is one of the crucial aspects that determines the potentiality of the laptop you are going to purchase. In this case, the primary thought is the kind of your goal. Suppose we think of the situation of an expert journalist. He or she does travel a lot of places and has to do some movable computing tasks.

Regarding this, it is sometimes essential to get a portable laptop with smaller screen size. For instance, he or she can go with 13-inch screen size or a 14-inch. However, if you are going past the 15-inch limit, it won’t be travel-friendly. On the contrary, suppose you are building up a laptop-based workstation at your home. Provided that you don’t transport the device much, it makes sense to buy a device with the largest laptop screen. As a whole, you can go for something around 15 inches. Hence, you need to pick the screen size as per your need.

The weight of the device is another matter of worry. However, there is the option to have different laptops at different weights. The weight of the device is influenced by many factors, including the battery size, screen size, etc. For example, if you get a battery life of 12 hours or so, the laptop may be heavier, while Apple laptops are much more exceptional. At the same time, most of the laptops with 13.6″+ devices possess an average weight of around 1.5 KGs. Therefore, the bigger your laptop’s size is, the heavier your laptop becomes.

Moreover, depending on the brands the sizes of the laptops may differ. It’s visible that some laptop brands manufacture heavier laptops compared to the other manufacturers. The factors mentioned above are pretty enough to determine the portability of your laptop you want to purchase.

5. Traditional or Hybrid (Detachable Laptop)

At present, you can find the two major types of laptops available in the market; they are conventional laptops and hybrid ones. Traditional laptops refer to the common ones with built-in displays and normal viewing angles. On the other hand, Hybrid laptops are often called separable laptops that can be used as a tablet PC at times by separating the keyboard (that’s the cause why hybrid laptops are called separable laptops) or rotating the screen. For instance, the YOGA Series of Lenovo devices can be the best specimen of hybrid convertibles. Based on the motif and context, you have access to rotate the screen and select the mode. Therefore, you can transform it into the tablet PC mode and use the touchscreen, just as you are doing things in a big-sized tablet PC. Depending on availability and affordable pricing, this can be the best decision-making position in purchasing a laptop.

6. RAM vs Processor – The Two Pillars

These two are the most essential divisions of this guide on what to consider when purchasing a laptop. Then now let’s go for the details about RAM vs Processor.

7. Processor

The Central Processing Unit ( CPU ), generally known as the Processor, determines your laptop’s speed and performance. But, you need to pick the best according to your demand and budget when it comes to the choice. As you are previously informed that different producers use different processors in their laptops. For example, MacBook laptops always come with top-notch Intel Core processors, while AMD Processors in gaming-based laptops often. so, before you go for the final selection, you should know the pros and cons related to it.

For example, if you want the perfect performance from the device, you should go with Intel i3 or i5 processors. On the contrary, if you want to build up a high-performance workplace or gaming laptop, you should choose Core i7, which can provide you with the expected performance and stability. Still, there are other processors from AMD and the mid-level processors including Intel m3, m5, m7, etc. It is notable that the processor also defines the lifespan of your laptop. 

In a word, the performance of your laptop depends on the selection of the processor of your laptop.

8. RAM

Random Access Memory (RAM), is an integrated temporary memory of any laptop. If someone wants to run a lot of apps at a time, he or she needs a laptop with more RAM. Most of the laptops come with 4 GB of RAM, while the portable ones may come with 2 GB. Otherwise, if we go for high-end performance-based laptops like MacBook Pro, we will find around 8 GB of RAM or more. Apart from this, many laptops come with an expandable RAM slot to append an external RAM. If you think the existing RAM is not sufficient, you can simply ascent it to external RAM, which is also called utilizable RAM.

Above all, your system speed, multi-tasking, and performance at once are determined by RAM. Further, if you have to use Google Chrome tabs frequently, you need a laptop with around 8GB RAM.

9. Storage

Storage is one of the most essential factors in buying a laptop. Laptops are of various types of storage systems. You may go for (HDD) Hard Disk Drive storage, the conventional form of storage. It provides standard speed, durability, and performance. Yet, in recent years, manufacturers have commenced using Solid State Drives for storage.

In comparison to HDD, you can depend on SSD storage systems as these are more reliable. For example, SSD storage is less prone to physical damages. Besides, it renders a positive response on booting time and system analysis. Hence, based on the preference, you will choose one from the SSD vs HDD pair. 

The selection of the storage is a sweet will of you. As nowadays, you have the option of carrying a portable HDD with you, and in this case, any type of storage is quite enough. You can also pick storage of 128 GB SSD. This, too, could be an excellent choice if you are going with a mid-level Ultrabook with SSD storage. Finally, your needs will perfectly determine which storage you should go for.

10. Warranty And Service

Good batteries are the energy source of any laptop, whether it is a new or a used laptop. Actually, without a healthy battery, it is impossible to think of a portable device. Suppose you have to carry your laptop to different places for a long time and work outside. Otherwise, when you want to set up a workspace at home, you can choose laptops with shorter battery life. Now, let’s discuss some instances.

Some manufacturing companies, including MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, have brought revolution. For instance, in recent times, all the latest MacBook Air provides 12 hours of battery life. And this is why journalists and professional travelers go for Apple. In the other word, ASUS Ultrabooks also offer more than average standard battery life in their machines. It is apparent that all these factors measure your battery’s lifespan and indeed rely on your usage. For instance, if you are an extreme gamer, you shouldn’t think of a laptop with long battery life. 

Henceforth, provided that you know the goal of a laptop, you can go forward with the battery life determinant. Finally, you must not be well aware of your selection process, especially when you are also a professional. 

In this technological advancement arena, some reputed brands of laptops provide top-ranked technical support and warranty. In this regard, we can bring the instance of Dell. So, when you purchase a portable computer, it matters a lot whether your purchased brands will give you technical support and warranty service. You will have to ensure that the producer is providing standard customer support and warranty with it. If a laptop renders a minimum warranty of around 2 Years or 1 Year, you may go for it. Yet you will have to keep in mind that client support is the major factor in purchasing a laptop. On-site support is always regarded as the best to go with as here you can get the issues solved from your home. Naturally, these are the factors for you when you start relying on any brand.

11. The Other Important Factors

Here, we have delineated some essential factors for purchasing laptops. 

  • Platform: Based on the purpose and stability, you can pick between Microsoft Windows, macOS, and the Chrome OS. Always try to have the upgraded and latest version of the OS, due to specific reasons. Additionally, if you require the power of open-source, some Linux laptops come with Ubuntu. Therefore, the platform essentially depends on your preference.
  • Touch Screen: It’s another significant factor when you are buying a laptop. Laptops that do not have touch screens are more popular among a certain group of people. Nevertheless, if you intend to have some extra usability perks, you can look for a touch screen computer.
  • Keyboard: According to the weight and screen size, the keyboard also differs in various laptops. However, if you have to type a lot, you should go for a full-sized keyboard with a numeric keypad. Yet, if you have to perform simple tasking like Word documents and all, you can carry them out without the numeric keys.
  • Display: In buying a laptop, this factor is also not a major concern, but if you want to enjoy crystal clear views, you may need a high-definition display. On the other hand, it should be okay with QHD or industry standards. By the way, we have observed some professionals going for Apple Retina Display, especially for the photographers.
  • Connectivity: If you are in a home-based workstation, this is not elementary for you. Yet, as you want to get a portable device consider having better connectivity options including Bluetooth and NFC – apart from the most traditional Wi-Fi.
  •  Full System Check-Up:  You must check up the whole system before making the final purchase. You have to verify both the software and hardware sections and determine whether all the parts are working well.

FAQ’s & Answer:

What are the major factors regarding purchasing a laptop?

The potentialities of all the core components are the major factor in purchasing a laptop. Hence, before going to purchase a laptop you must have the pros and cons of this hardware.

How can I get a suitable laptop?

In this age of online shopping, getting a laptop is not much more difficult. But as a beginner, if you want to buy a suitable laptop for yourself, you should get advice from the experts or you can also read laptop buying guides available on the internet.


We have covered a notebook specifications list in such a way that will help purchase a laptop. In this discussion, we have tried to mention some features which need to be considered during notebook buying. Here in this guide, we’ve left no stone unturned to make matters clear. Indeed this laptop buying guide is intended to render you a proper idea about various aspects of purchasing laptops.

In short, we can conclude that following all these tips none will face much more difficulty buying laptops.

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