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What Type of Sand Is Best for Construction?

For people who are not in the business of construction, it might get difficult to distinguish between the different kinds of sand for construction available in the market. But choosing the right type is what makes the difference between a great build and loose construction.

Sand is known for being readily used for construction and building purposes due to its various properties such as being strong, tightly packed and heavy mass. These are generally helpful in building concrete and roads. You can find different varieties of sand with providers like Sand4u Sand Supplies.

To understand what type of sand is best for construction, here are some things that you should know about them:

Types of Sand used for Construction

River Sand

River sand is generally found near the river banks or sides. River sand is grey in colour most of the time and the grains are round shaped. This is one of the superior qualities of sand that can be used for construction, since it has proven to be very useful for construction activities such as plastering.

Artificial Sand

This is a type of sand that is manufactured artificially by sand manufacturers in a factory or industries. These are also known as M-sand or manufactured sand. For people looking for a great alternative to river sand, M-sand will be the best choice to go with.

The manufactured sand is mostly built by crushing rocks such as granite rock or basalt rock, and the process takes place in three different stages. One of the most popular techniques used to crush granite rock and obtain M-sand is known as the rock hit rock methods, which is mostly coupled with superior machines.

Manufactured sand usually has a very smooth texture compared to other types of sand material used in construction. And the constructions built using M-sand are known to be stronger and durable for a long time. Unlike other sand types, manufactured sand has also proven to be successful in places with harsh conditions for long durations. M-sand is also known for being leakproof during rainy seasons.

Pit Sand

Pit sand is also a commonly used type of sand for construction. Compared to other sand types, pit sand is known to be very coarse in nature and is generally collected and produced by digging up deeply placed pits, hence the name.

You will find these types of sand in orange-red colour, which is mainly due to the presence of iron oxide. The sand grains of pit sand tend to be very sharp and free from salt as well. This allows them to not react to the moisture content in the atmosphere, making them ideal and superior for binding purposes in constructions.

How to Choose the Best One

While it might sound complicated at first when you start looking into different types of sand that you can find in the market from sand manufacturers. But if you are aware of the important things you should look out for, you should be able to pick the right one for your construction purposes.

Always go with a sand type that does not contain any organic material in it. Additionally, make sure that the percentage of impurities is not too high in the sand you choose, and it should contain a very low amount of silt.

For building houses or construction related to houses always focus on the sand quality, how much they cost and how easily are they available in your close vicinity.


Sand has excellent qualities when it comes to construction, hence it is widely used all over the globe by builders. When in doubt, you can always consult sand manufacturers for help.

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