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What Would Be The Reality Behind The Opal Pendant Necklace

There is no point in picking around the bush; there are some misconceptions and dogmas about opals, so let’s smash those myths and get down to the truth surrounding this exquisite gemstone because they are such a feminine and artsy piece of colorful jewelry. Opals are responsive and can be worn with whatever you choose, after all, and the fashion can never be sacrificed by naive myths. Hence here are a few essences behind the Opal Pendant necklaces.

Opals Might Get Moist

There is a misconception that water can make the stone swell and weaken by swabbing the feminine opal pendent. This is not relevant, although, with any enhanced water exposure, it may be. So, unless you’re bathing or taking a shower, before doing so, you can presumably strip your jewelry, but that’s more so because of the additives in baths, soaps, lotions, etc.

Not to be water-soaked

It is certainly possible that by leaving the opal ring on when doing the dishes or taking a shower, opals will be submerged in water overnight to try to Reconstruct the harm that was done to the stone. However, your opal jewelry is not sufficient to be soaked at all, and especially not often. Yup, opals contain 5-10 percent water and, if not well taken care of, can become dehydrated, but soaking them is not a must to keep these stones flashy and brightly colored since they can not routinely soak up much moisture.

Magic of Opal Pendant Necklace

Some presume opals assist in astral projection, an ailment of definite invisibility, possibly extending to the invisibility theme. The internal fire or color play of opals is expected to draw powers that carry cash. Some reckon that with their arcane workings, the darkness and intricacy of the black opal will retain and unleash the power for magicians. If they use this power for good or evil, of course, is up to their discretion and has little effect over the stone itself.

Opals Are Not really White

Opaque with a shine of rainbow hues, the most popular opals will even come in grey and black, with almost the same array of vivid tones. These gems can also vary from milky to brighter ones, each of which has a distinct value and could be much more precious than diamonds. Opals are a girl’s new best buddy.

No need for Oiling

The myth began somewhere out there that opals need to be rubbed down or even immersed in baby oil in order to keep them moist and stop damage. It would just turn the opals greasy by rubbing oil on them. So, you’re better off completely ignoring it. 

Iconography and Perception of Opal

A comparatively modern tradition is wearing opal as a jewelry stone. However, for different reasons, people have worn this stone in ancient times. Most felt that opal was helpful to the skin and was worn to treat eye diseases. Some also thought that it could render the carrier transparent. Supposedly, holding an opal covered in a fresh bay leaf will protect you from being noticed by anyone.

The Opals Are really not Rotten Luck

They are the stone of love and inspiration, but there is no means of getting bad luck to the opals. Currently, these old wives’ tales have done a 360, and today opals are seen as a lucky charm and have been prized for generations.

Last Words

Mythologies and dogmas are interesting to learn about, but figuring out the facts is always excellent – particularly when it comes to your sense of style. Opals are elegant rocks that can make the whole ensemble light up. These myths make the stone more fascinating. You can get your Opal Pendant Necklaces at the Australian Fire Opals shop where we provide you the best collections of opal. You can even get us through the website


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