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What’s the Best Two Way Radio for the Workplace?

What's the Best Two Way Radio for the Workplace?

When safety is paramount, you can’t skimp on communication.

Whether on a construction site or in the great outdoors, you need the best two-way radio you can find. The last thing you want is to lose communication with your team. Whether it’s because the battery is subpar, the range is poor, or there’s unexpected interference, you can’t settle for a two-way radio that doesn’t meet your needs.

In this article, you’ll learn where you can buy two-way radios that work best for your use case.

The Best Two-Way Radio

Radios often must stand up against a lot of abuse. Weather conditions from extreme cold to extreme heat. Rain, snow, and strong winds.

Sometimes you need a radio that won’t crap out on you in the noisiest environments. Companies like Sonetics provide this solution, check them out at the link.

Two-way radios need to endure all of this and facilitate communication among your team throughout it all. Not all two-way radios are the same, so read on for more.

Baofeng BF-F8HP

This radio will be best suited for experienced users. It has many advanced features other radios won’t include, meant for radio operators with skin in the game. You will need a license to operate it.

It has 128 channels, and a range of 6-12 miles. The battery lasts for 20 hours.

Garmin Rino 750

This is the creme de la creme of two-way radios. It features a GPS and GLONASS navigator. The touchscreen and integrated sensors mean you’re not getting a slouch of a device.

It features a whopping 118 channels, with a range of up to 20 miles. You can expect to get up to 14 hours of battery on this beauty.

Kenwood NX-P500

For those who just need reliable on-site communication, this one is the ticket for you. It’s modern, slim, and comfortable to use. The UHF transceiver that comes included can handle both digital and analog units.

It has 6 channels, a maximum range of 6 miles, and up to 15 hours of battery–plenty for a full working day.

Cobra ACXT1035R

Mountaineers and hikers, look no further! This radio has a jawdropping 37 miles of range, is waterproof, and will float on water. This rugged piece of machinery will take all the abuse you can give it, and will work wonderfully in just about any outdoor situation.

The Cobra gives you 22 channels and will last up to 20 hours. Make sure to bring this one on your next camping trip.

Motorola T465

For hunters who need near-silent communication while on the trail of their prey, the T465 is the essential solution. It has earbuds and a carry case meant for hunters. Sturdy, waterproof, hands-free, and packed with the emergency features you need.

This Motorola has 22 channels, a range of 35 miles, and approximately 15 hours of battery.

Bring the Right Tools for the Job

The best two-way radio is the one that includes the features you need for your radio. Whether that’s a long-range, the best battery life in the industry, or premium features, there’s a two-way radio perfect for you.

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