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  What’s the Hype with Tungsten Rings?

Tungsten rings have been a great hit ever since they were introduced to the market! Having a scratch-resistant ring and suitable for everyday use made it the go-to option for many buyers. But the main question here is, how efficient are these rings? 

Continue reading to find out the hype around tungsten rings and understand what makes them one of the most desirable products in the market today!

  • Lasts longer than your average metal rings:

The stronger a metal is, the better and more extended life you can expect out of it. To put it in simple words, hardness ensures the longevity of metal. Further, strong metals have lesser chances of facing any damage. Similar is the situation with tungsten rings as it is very hard and ensures longevity to its wearer, making it one of the most preferred choices by buyers. 

  • Affordable:

Here comes another factor that gives tungsten rings all the hype. Yes, we’re talking about the affordability of these metal rings. These rings are cost-effective and come with a long life. If you compare it, a gold or platinum ring that would cost you anywhere between $400 or $500 is costly; when scaled with the price of tungsten rings, that is half the price of such metal rings. This is another factor that adds to the appeal of the rings.  

  • Long-lasting product:

Yet another factor of the tungsten rings that makes it worth the hype is that once you wear it, there’s hardly any need for maintenance of these metal bands. The hardness of this metal ensures the longevity of the product and gives no damage to the ring, no matter how roughly you use it daily. 

  • Needs no maintenance:

The luster of these rings remains intact for years, making it another reason for all the hype that it is getting. Once you wear it, you don’t need to fear the rings losing their shine, as it is similar to silver or gold jewelry. Unlike other metals like gold and silver, whose jewelry needs to be reshaped after some years, tungsten jewelry remains the same throughout. 


  • It looks similar to other premium metals:

Gold and Platinum are said to be some of the most trusted metals preferred equally by men and women. Reason being primarily the looks of the finished product of this metal. On the other hand, younger people usually prefer going against their conventional practices and go for a more off-beat look. On the other hand, tungsten rings resemble their style similar to platinum, giving it a mirror-like finish. This is another reason that these bands are the current hype in the market. Their resemblance to premium metals makes them one of the most demanded materials.  


Now that we’ve covered all the essential highlights of tungsten rings, it is crucial that we understand that buying them from renowned brands like Intellirings is what will set them apart. Remember, it’s only the genuine product that lasts! 

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