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When and why do you need lock repairing?

Locks are not designed to last forever, so their repair and replacement is required if they start to malfunction. You invest a large sum of money purchasing a property, so it is important to take care of its security too. The most important way to keep both, your family members and your residence secure, is to keep the locks functional.

If you are using the locks for a long time, make sure to replace them. However, you can also opt for lock repair if-

  1. There is a minor glitch in the lock

If the key is turning but the lock is not operating, there can be a minor technical glitch and can be fixed by a professional locksmith. Make sure to call a professional locksmith who can fix the lock without chipping the doors. However if you notice any major problem in its operation, it is advisable to replace the lock with a new one.

  1. No break-in attempt occurred

If there has been a burglary attempt, it is advisable to change the lock immediately. However, if you find your neighbourhood and surroundings safe, you may postpone the idea of replacing the lock. Tampered locks too, can be fixed easily by the locksmiths.

  1. The lock is not functioning smoothly

If your lock is under 5 years and mal functioning, you can usually call the service centre and ask for a replacement or repair. It may be easy to repair the lock, and you can keep the same lock with all its features.

  1. Jammed or frozen lock

Jammed or frozen lock is one of the most common problems homeowners face. Often, all the exits have locks and a single common key, so people do not want to change a particular lock. Instead, they try to get the best lock repair services in the town to get the lock repaired.

  1. Replacement is not possible

If there are any specific financial or technical issues, you can get the lock repaired for the time being and that would give you some time to think about how to replace the lock.

Most of the door locks require regular maintenance and occasional repairing. Here are some tips for the same:

  • Keep your keys clean and the lock-holes dust free.
  • Avoid exposing both the locks and keys to a humid environment, as they can get rusty.
  • Normal wear and tear may damage the lock pins or the keys.
  • Keep the keys in a safe place so that they remain in a good condition for a long time.
  • Handle the doorknobs with care.
  • Apply machine oil to the locks when required.
  • If the keys are failing, make sure to call a locksmith soon for the lock repair.
  • Trust your locksmith and follow his/her advice on repairing, rekeying, or replacing the lock. S/he has good experience in handling various lock issues and his/her suggestions are valuable.

Overall a broken lock can be extremely dangerous, as it can keep you locked in or out for several days. So if you feel that the locks have outlived their age, do not hesitate to change them. You can always look for some technically-advanced locks to safeguard your residence. Lock repairing is beneficial if you are looking for a budget-friendly option, as you need to pay bare minimum for the requisite repairs. However, repairing the lock is not a permanent or a long-term solution. If you have repaired it now, it can function well, but over time, it may show signs of wear and tear and may need replacement

Often, you do not want to alter the design of your door lock, so repairing is indeed a better idea than replacement of the locks. Re-keying too is a great idea if you feel that the security of your residence is at stake.

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