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When To Seek The Assistance of Real Estate and Property Lawyers

Real estate and property lawyers in Dubai can aid you in examining the possible risks and prepare legal contracts accordingly. These lawyers can also help the landlords stay away from liabilities that come their way. Having said that, you may not have to consult property lawyers in Dubai on a regular basis. You can avail of their assistance only when you clearly need it.

At what instance you need the help of Property Lawyers?

You are probably wondering which are the instances when you should hire a real estate lawyer in Dubai. Well, here’s discussing 4 main property dispute situations in Dubai where you must seek the assistance of lawyers.

When Tenant Fails to Pay the Rent

According to the mutual agreement made by the landlord and the tenant, the latter is legally obliged to pay his rent at the agreed time. There are situations when the tenant fails to pay the rent for a couple of months. Since there are legalities attached to such scenarios, the landlords should be careful while retrieving the money. The procedures should be compliant with the rules. You can seek the help of a  rental dispute lawyer in Dubai during such situations and file a case against the tenant if need be.

While Evicting the Tenant

The eviction lawsuit of the UAE comes with a great advantage. The related procedures consume very less time compared to civil cases. But the landlord is required to follow strict rules and regulations. You have to file the right papers associated with the eviction, notify your tenant, etc. It is also not very easy to receive a judgment in the landlord’s favor. The right proof should be submitted and judges ought to be convinced since the case involves the risk of a home being lost. In that case, you must hire a lawyer in Dubai, especially when:

  • Handling the first eviction
  • The tenant has hired a lawyer
  • Tenant files for bankruptcy
  • You need to comply with the rules of eviction concerning renting control or house program.

When Tenant inflicts damage on the property

The agreement between the landlord and the tenant generally contains a clause that requires the latter to maintain the property without causing any damage. If the tenant fails to do so, the landlord can ask him/her for compensation. Though you could handle this case with the support of strong research, we would still suggest you take the assistance of real estate lawyers in Dubai, just to stay on the safer side.

If you are sued for causing Illness or Injury

If your tenant files a case against you for inflicting injury or illness to him/her, then it is best to approach a lawyer in Dubai to defend you. Such cases cannot be handled without proper knowledge and hence you need help. An experienced property lawyer can help negotiate such cases and get a favorable judgment.


The prementioned was our list of the most important situations that require the assistance of real estate and property lawyers in Dubai. It is not very hard to search for lawyers in Dubai, but selecting an ideal lawyer should be done by keeping certain points in mind. Firstly, find how many years of experience the individual has as a property lawyer in Dubai. Secondly, contact his/her clients and enquire about their experience with the lawyer, and thirdly, you must see how this lawyer approaches your case. By following these simple guidelines, you will be able to hire a smart and efficient real estate lawyer in Dubai to win your case.

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