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Which foundation courses are important for Singapore CA qualification?

The Singapore CA qualification is an intensive post-graduation accountancy certification that equips you with the prerequisite skills for a chartered accountancy career in the country of Singapore and abroad. Although obtaining this qualification offered by the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants or ISCAcan allow you to pursue a financial or accountancy career in any country, the certification primarily caters to positions and roles in Singapore.

Passing the Singapore CA exam also allows you to become a certified member of ISCA which can instantly make you more employable and recognisable by countess local and international businesses based in Singapore. The certification can also provide you with access to attend several business and industrial events that can update your knowledge of current financial trends.

Although the Singapore CA exam is considered to be quite difficult to pass in the first attempt, pursuing foundation courses can help you get acquainted with the fundamentals of different accounting disciplines. The foundation courses also you a direct entry into the Singapore CA qualification without a formal degree in accountancy.

Read this blog to learn more about the different foundation courses that can help with your preparation for Singapore CA qualification.

Foundation courses to help with Singapore CA

Here are the most important foundation courses in different disciplines that can help you crack the Singapore CA exam.

  • Foundation in Accounting for Decision Making: This course can help you learn the cost accounting techniques and methodologies for financial planning and decision making in a business organisation. You learn the importance of analysis of relevant financial information for backing business decisions. You can also gain practical knowledge of different strategic management tools and accounting techniques.
  • Foundation in Financial Management: This course usually delves into an in-depth understanding of working capital management and analysis of the current assets and liabilities of a company. You also learn how to calculate the valuation of a company and its capital through different debt and equity sources. You also explore different financial management theories and techniques in place in the business domain.
  • Foundation in Principles of Financial Reporting: This course can provide you with the knowledge of the conceptual frameworks of financial organisations in Singapore and the different techniques used in preparing financial statements as per the Singapore Financial Reporting Standards or SFRS. The course also covers important concepts involved in different legal and compliance issues arising in financial reporting.
  • Foundation in Singapore Taxation: This course can be appropriate for you if you want to explore a career in taxation in Singapore after passing the Singapore CA exam. The course can equip you with the fundamentals and the underlying principles in the major technical areas of the taxation system in the country. The course can allow you to advise businesses in different taxation scenarios and case studies.

Who is a CA?

A chartered accountant is an individual who has expertise in the field of commerce and possesses the understanding related to audit, taxation, accounting, etc. They offer a general economic recommendation to the company’s board of advisors as well as help in structuring the company’s resources, taxes and file their returns.

Job Opportunities: 

With the help of official ACCA certification, you can opt to work with global MNC’s, international banks, financial organization in areas such as management sectors, markets, audit, international taxation business, management consulting, corporate revival, etc.


ACCA takes about 2 -3 years to complete, compared to CA which takes a least of 5 years to complete.

Who should do this?

If you are looking to gain experience and awareness in the finance sector, however, plan to settle overseas then, this qualification works.

Note: ACCA qualification is not equal to being a CA. This certification may land you a professional accountant job in global MNC’s, but if you plan to stay in abroad and practice in global firms, you will be required to complete your Chartered Accountancy from ICAI.

Pursuing these foundation courses from a reputed institute or university can allow you to peruse the course materials any time you want. Certain universities also offer mock exams and additional course materials to help you master the syllabus better. Register for Singapore CA foundation courses to establish a successful accountancy career in Singapore.

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