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WordPress is a widely used Content Management System. It is the free and open-source CMS that is developed using PHP and paired with MySQL or MariaDB database.

WHMCS is considered the best hosting automation software. It offers you all the tools to start your web hosting business. WHMCS is the best hosting management and billing software that makes other aspects of business like billing, provisioning, domain reselling, etc. easy. 

WHMCS is a feature-rich web hosting client management solution. One of the primary goals of WHMCS is to offer web hosting businesses a cart system that is integrated into websites for visitors to buy web hosting services.

The platform is not like any other traditional cart. WHMCS integrates with a wide range of web hosting servers and applications. So, when a client purchases a service on a website, WHMCS will collect visitors’ payments, create a client account, and eventually provision a hosting account on the hosting server.

Why Should One Opt For WHMCS?

WHMCS helps to automate your business by providing the solution to many of the operational work. The WHMCS software simplifies and automates daily tasks and operations, making it the number 1 choice among web hosting users.

Don’t you have WHMCS yet?

Then it’s time to get it implemented by the best WHMCS developers. Here is how to find the right WHMCS Developer.

Why Choose WHMCS Services?

As explained earlier, WHMCS makes your business task easy and fast, so using WHMCS themes will help to make your work more progressive.

Some solid reasons to choose WHCMS services are :

  • It Saves Time

WHMCS takes care of managing and automating your daily tasks, which saves you valuable time and money to a greater extent.

  • It Automates Billing

Using WHMCS you can send invoices, collect payments, taxes, reminders. etc.

  • Integrates With Web and Domains

WHMCS can be easily integrated with all leading web hosting control panels and domain registrars to provide automatic provision and management.

  • It Supports Various Tool

WHMCS Support provides a complete client toolkit that supports ticketing, knowledgebase, downloads, and more.

  • It Is Developer Friendly

WHMCS is developed using modular, extensible, well-documented APIs and ORM. Hiring a WHMCS developer makes your task easy.

  • It Is Secure And Scalable

WHMCS is a highly secure,  scalable, and dependable solution designed for all sizes of businesses.

Don’t you think it solves most of your problems?

Now, let’s see how you can integrate it with a WordPress website.

How To Integrate WHMCS With WordPress?

Yes, the best WHMCS themes are designed to maintain all the reseller hosting aspects, but still, you can use them for your own designs with your actual website. WHMCS integration with WordPress is very easy.

WHMCS gives you the flexibility to add pages (forms) into the WHMCS client area or to integrate with an existing WordPress website.

Read how to integrate WHMCS into your WordPress

Following are the steps, to guide you on how to integrate a WHMCS order form that enables you to log into the WHMCS client area using a WordPress page.

Method 1. Using Integration Code

Step 1: Obtain Integration Code

  • First of all, get logged into your WHMCS admin area.
  • Then go to the utility tab and click on Integration Code.
  • Go to the field named Clients Login and copy all of the code from there.
  • Now, Save this code, and follow all steps given in the instructions below.

Step 2: WHMCS Login Page

  • First, log in to your WordPress administrative dashboard.
  • Go to the page on which you want to add a WHMCS client area login form.
  • Now open the Page Editor and click on the Text tab that will switch to the text editing.
  • Here, paste the entire code that you have copied in earlier (Step 1)
  • Finally, click on the Update button and it will save all your changes.

This enables your website visitors to enter their email addresses and password into fields that appear on your website. Using it visitors or you can log in to the WHMCS client area.

Method 2 – To Use WHMCS to WordPress

WHMCS is very easy to integrate with WordPress, by using WHMCS Bridge plugin. This plugin comes with a free version and thus, you can integrate the best Webhosting WordPress WHMCS theme and enjoy advanced features such as single sign-on, multi-lingual WHMCS support and, support for the WHMCS market connect.

For this, follow below steps :

  • Login to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Go to Plugins and search for WHMCS Bridge.
  • Install and activate the WHMCS Bridge plugin on your WordPress.
  • After activation is done, go to the WHMCS Bridge plugin settings.
  • Here, you need to add your WHMCS account URL and click on the save settings.

Once your WHMCS account gets synced with WordPress, then click on the ‘HELP’ tab on the settings top page. Now, users will be able to see the WHMCS Bridge page.

Read this if you don’t know how to install theme in WHMCS

Best WHMCS Themes For WordPress Website

When the WHMCS integration gets done, step is you need to select the best Webhosting WordPress WHMCS theme for your WordPress website. WHMCS comes with amazing, trendy, and multi-purpose WHMCS themes that allow you to create the trendiest websites.

WHMCS One Step Checkout Order Form

This is one of the best Webhosting WordPress WHMCS theme to boost the checkout process of your WHMCS store.

The WHMCS One Step Checkout Order Form has a fully responsive layout, supports multiple businesses, and is fast and UI/UX friendly.

Features of WHMCS One Step Checkout Oder Form theme are :

  • Allows you to set the country-based payment gateways.
  • Allows using attractive Payment Gateway icons from WHMCS admin.
  • Comes with an inbuilt GeoIP Currency Changer.
  • Also, has a mini cart for mobile devices.
  • Detailed Order Summary. Let your customers check their order, edit it, stats the product or plan they bought, and displays the promo code used during the checkout process.
  • Allows your clients to configure their products as per their choice.
  • Provides detailed information about products, so that your clients can make the right selection.

HostX WHMCS Theme

HostX is another all-in-one and the best WHMCS theme that comes with 21+ prebuilt pages. This theme is mostly preferred by web-hosting providers, SSL certificate providers, VPN service providers, Domain service providers, VoIP service providers, and IPTV service providers.

Using the HostX WHMCS theme eliminates the use of WordPress because HostX is the best Webhosting WordPress WHMCS theme has its inbuilt options to manage SEO part. For example:

  • Page Manager: An easy drag and drop feature to customize your page as per your wants.
  • SEO Manager: This makes the task of updating Meta tags, OG tags, or any crucial SEO elements easy. All Social Media and SEO activities can be managed in one place.
  • Top Menu: Allows to create new or edit, enable, disable and delete the existing main menu.
  • Dynamic Testimonial: This allows selecting particular reviews to display on a specific page.
  • Live Timer On Offer: This makes creating limited-time offers for clients easy. WHMCS Template Admin page enables to manage offer timers, colors, and much more.
  • Live Chat: enable Live chat in the client area. Set Live Chat, Tawk Id, Zopim Id, and Custom Id to provide support to your visitors.

That means, you really don’t need WordPress when you have a HostX theme. 

Features of HostX web hosting WHMCS theme are:

  • Comes with an inbuilt WHMCS code
  • Supports multiple languages
  • 100% responsive
  • W3C validated
  • Highly customizable
  • Optimized for SEO & Speed
  • Provides Mega Menu
  • GDPR compliance
  • Supports RTL
  • Provides Live Chat option
  • Provides Live timer on Offer
  • Helps with Dynamic testimonials

ClientX WHMCS Theme

We cannot skip the ClientX WHMCS client area template in the list of best WHMCS themes as is a highly flexible theme. Its features are:

  • Provides attractive home page
  • Menu style comes with side and top navigation
  • Provides unique invoicing WHMCS templates
  • Supports new dashboard layouts

An Amazing Child Theme For WHMCS: TwentyX WHMCS Theme

The TwentyX WHMCS theme comes with features like:

Highly responsive pages and WHMCS templates. It allows you and your customers to seamlessly navigate the website from any device.

  • Doesn’t require Licence verification and makes your work hassle-free.
  • Changes are always saved
  • Provides flat and modern designs
  • Works ultra-fast and easy on WHMCS 
  • Supports multi-languages

Don’t wait long and just contact the custom WHMCS development service provider. You can opt for any of these best WHMCS themes of your choice and get started with the work.

Benefits of Best WHMCS Themes

  • WHMCS themes are user-friendly and highly customizable.
  • Manages the billing process automatically.
  • Allow you to provide customer support to your clients.
  • Provide a wide range of integration support.

Let Us Answer Some of Your Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q) Can I use WHMCS templates with a WordPress website?
  2. A) Yes, you can use WHMCS templates with a WordPress site. 
  3. Q) Are WHMCS themes good for the web hosting business?
  4. A) Yes, all WHMCS themes are compatible and idle for web hosting business websites.
  5. Q) How can I use ClientX and HostX together?
  6. A) Actually, you cannot use ClientX and HostX WHMCS themes simultaneously.


Best WHMCS theme makes your work hassle-free that saves tremendous time and money. It makes the organization’s operation smooth.

Every WordPress website must incorporate WHMCS to make your potential clients work easily done.

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