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Why Are My Energy Bills High During The Summer Season?

Why am I paying higher on electricity bills in summers over other seasons? Are the home systems not working correctly? Do I have to repair or replace my air conditioner to save on energy bills? These questions are frequently asked on articles including “air conditioning repair phoenix” keywords. Since the posts are drafted for AC repair, they do not technically answer your questions. It leaves confusion in your mind concerning your electricity bills.  

Before deciphering the answers, you keep calm and an open mind to understand the possible reasons for your increased energy bills. You operate air conditioners approximately twenty hours a day in a humid and hot climate. It is enough for your energy bills to go high. However, the questions remain unanswered as to why you pay higher electricity bills in summer only! Now get your answers in the below sections!  

Why Am I Losing Two-three Digits Dollars On Electricity Bills?

It is unfair for me to pay 99-999 dollars solely on energy bills. Do I need air conditioning services? Nonetheless, I only wish to stay comfortable and cool when the outside temperature is high and unbearable. I have also procured AC repair and maintenance service to keep my air conditioner functional for the season.  

The dilemma above mentioned is the case with every homeowner who is paying higher energy bills. We have collected some points that may help you lower the bills and enjoy the summer season to the fullest. Let’s dive into possible reasons! 

  1. Poor Insulation:

My house is adequately insulated! It is a statement given by almost all homeowners. You are liable to pay high energy bills because outside hot air is penetrating your insulation. Therefore, it is never a reliable sign for proper home insulation. You may seek an opinion or inspection from experts who render services of air conditioning repair phoenix. They will inspect your home insulation and give a detailed analysis of your current insulation. If you change or improve the home insulation, you can easily save up to fifty dollars on your subsequent energy bills.  

  1. Incorrect Thermostat Setting:

How can my thermostat setting be incorrect if it is set on low? It is a misconception that a lower temperature setting cools your space effectively. You are only pulling up the energy bills and inducing your air conditioner to work ceaselessly for no reason. The experts suggest that you always set 78 degrees on your AC thermostat to maintain the cooling and electricity bills.  

You can also procure air conditioning services to diagnose potential thermostat issues to save up to 10% on energy bills. On the other hand, you can set the temperature lower when you are at home and wish to get a stronger cooling effect. Nonetheless, make sure that you never leave the thermostat at lower temperatures at all times.  

  1. Neglected Maintenance:

I have recently hired a contractor for AC repairs, why do I need a maintenance service? It is a laughable myth that people adjudge maintenance and repairs on the same scale. AC repairs are entirely different from AC Maintenance. Only some contractors or service providers render services of air conditioning repair phoenix that include maintenance and repairs. You can find it challenging to search for such companies since you are habitual of paying AC repair technicians for every minor issue.

The best solution is to contact a licensed company or service provider to get yearly AC maintenance service on time. It will save you money on possible repairs and energy bills up to 20%. In short, you must give proper troubleshooting and inspection to your air conditioner once in a while.  


Do the points mentioned above help you understand why you are paying higher energy bills? The AC issues can arise due to technicalities; however, sometimes, you are the reason for high electricity consumption. You can connect with local contractors who render air conditioning services within your budget. They may also give you fast-track and cost-effective plans for routine maintenance and repair services.  

We hope you will consider the points listed below and start saving up to 10-20% on your energy bills. Never let any AC issue break your bank and hamper your summer comfort! You can look for expert repair providers who provide HVAC repair, Appliance repair, or many other repair services.


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