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Why Are PFAS Used?

Are you aware of a chemical compound known as PFAS? Well, if you aren’t, then it’s time to know more about it! This chemical compound was founded some years back but has since has been banned in several states.

However, studies found that it has always managed to contaminate our water considerably, leading to massive health and environmental concerns. Thus, PFAS water treatment has been made mandatory in most countries worldwide. But what exactly is this substance? And why was it being used so extensively? Let’s find out!

What Are PFAS?

PFAS refers to per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances. This includes a family of man-made carbon and fluorine chemicals that come with various functional groups like sulfur, hydrogen, and oxygen.

There are almost 4730 different types of PFASs, depending on their functional groups. However, only very few of them have been studied in detail. As a result, these chemicals have been dubbed as “Forever Chemicals” or” Persistent Organic Pollutants.” This is because it lingers in the air and the water for ages. And thanks to its lingering attitude, agencies worldwide have been applying PFAS water treatment to help get rid of its traces.

So why exactly was it being used in the first place? Let’s see why.

Why Are They Used?

PFAS chemicals were primarily used in the 1950s and the 1960s. They are used in consumer products and industrial processes and are very useful because they are oil, water, and heat-resistant. Thus, several commercial items like personal care products, cleaning products, water-resistant clothing, fabrics, carpets, microwave popcorn bags, fast-food wrappers, non-stick cookware, and others contain PFAS.

On the other hand, these chemicals are also used in industrial processes but mostly in firefighting foam. These foams are used by rescue and local fire agencies, airport and military authorities, and others. These firefighting foams are one of the significant reasons that PFAS has managed to contaminate our environment through our groundwater. Other uses of PFAS include being used in textile industries, electroplating, soil remediation, artificial turf, guitar strings, climbing ropes, and ammunition.

However, due to several studies revealing their toxicity, countries have started banning the use of this harmful chemical. Let’s discuss why.

Health and Environment Concerns

The main reason PFAS got banned is because of the various health and environmental problems it was creating. They were created by humans and thus took a lot of time to break down in the environment. Due to its lingering presence in the water and air, it started causing extensive pollution. This, in turn, is affecting and increasing global warming.

It is also harmful to the health of humans and wildlife as our bodies are unable to break them down, causing them to accumulate with time. Marine animals tend to absorb this forever chemical from the water. It accumulates in their liver causing diseases. Humans, too, are affected by several illnesses like cancer, hyperthyroidism, pregnancy-related hypertension, fertility problems, and more.


Thus, this chemical compound must be eradicated from our water system as soon as possible. If you feel that PFAS might contaminate your water supply, get hold of a reliable company like Membrane Systems to clean it! Visit their website and contact them today.

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